Men More Hung Up

On Body Fat Than Women

Men More Hung Up - On Body Fat Than Women
Americans are the fattest people on earth. Twenty-seven percent are obese and 66 percent are overweight. In spite of this, overweight men and women are pariahs who make less money, hold less prestigious jobs, are less likely to be promoted and are sexually undesirable compared with normal weight people. Most employers (even health professionals) consider overweight people lazy, undisciplined and less competent than thinner employees. The media portrays overweight women as objects of humor and seldom shows them in romantic relationships. A Cosmopolitan magazine poll showed that more than 50 percent of men would ditch a woman who became overweight, compared with only 20 percent of women. Men are also more hung up on penis size: 51 percent of men wished they were larger, while only 18 percent of women felt that way about their partner. (New York Post)

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