3 Tips To Lose Weight Today

Simple, But Smart, Nutritional Choices

A Few Dieting Tips - Simple, But Smart, Nutritional Choices
A Few Dieting Tips - Simple, But Smart, Nutritional Choices


Any sauce or marinade that your steak, chicken, fish or whatever is smothered in are guaranteed to add the unwanted ‘invisible’ calories to your diet plan. I say invisible because although you can definitely see these items, most people ignore the fact that they are calorie dense and don’t think it will sabotage a strict diet. Wrong! If your selected dish is marinated in these, you WILL consume 99.9% of the calories. Now conversely, if the sauce or dressing (butter garlic, holiday sauce, etc.) are on the side, you will only consume about 20%, permitting you use these sauces as a ‘dipping sauce’ and not a dressing or marinade. Same goes for a salad. If it’s a lite dressing, sure, pour some on top. If not, then load up your fork with all the greens and simply dunk your fork into the dressing – which you have on the side. Just a little bit of dressing now; a little goes a long way. You will consume a very small portion of these, often overlooked, calorie dense, sauces, dressings, and dips using this method.

A Few Dieting Tips - Simple, But Smart, Nutritional Choices


Don’t go to a restaurant hungry, especially a buffet. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send signals to your brain to alert it that it’s full and, as you know, a lot can happen during that time. This will inevitably cause binge eating (consuming too much food at once) and send you into a caloric surplus for the day – see you on the treadmill tomorrow for about five hours. Eating too much at one time can make you feel just as bad as starvation will. Eat a very small meal before you go to your friend’s house or a restaurant for dinner. Your waistline (and wallet) will thank you.

A Few Dieting Tips - Simple, But Smart, Nutritional Choices


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; sure it is. So kick off the morning with those pancakes, biscuits, eggs, and (turkey) bacon but leave the lean chicken and salad for dinner. Eating calorie dense meals earlier in the day gives your body the energy it needs to fuel you for activities for the rest of the day PLUS you’ll have enough time to burn it off. Save the leanest meal of the day for dinner – what’s after dinner? Well, usually sleep and you don’t want to sleep on a fully stomach of useless (food) energy now do you? That’s when the energy conversion process starts to take place and you’ll notice it being stored in unwanted areas. If your body isn’t using it for immediate fuel/energy, it will be stored.

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