Green Tea Catechins Promote Ab Fat Loss

Abdominal fat kills and it looks bad. High ab fat levels increase the risk of heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and premature death, even in people with normal weight for height. Gut fat turns over quickly, which increases blood triglycerides (blood fat) and impairs blood sugar regulation.

In a study of adults involved in an endurance exercise program, Kevin Maki, from Provident Clinical Research in Bloomington, Indiana, found that supplementing a green tea beverage containing high levels of catechins (625 milligrams) and caffeine (39 milligrams) promoted abdominal fat loss better than a drink containing caffeine alone. The high-catechin drink also caused greater decreases in total fat and blood triglycerides. This was one of many studies showing that green tea catechins promote abdominal fat loss. (Journal of Nutrition, 139: 264-270)

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