Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Fights Fatigue

Carbohydrate is the principal fuel at exercise intensities above 65 percent of maximum effort. Eating carbohydrates prevents fatigue during prolonged exercise. A study led by Matt Jensen from the University of Victoria in Canada found that a carbohydrate mouth rinse prevented fatigue by approximately 3 percent in athletes performing prolonged isometric knee extensions. Researchers concluded that a carbohydrate mouth rinse might play a small role in preventing fatigue during exercise requiring high muscle tensions. British researchers (Curr Opin Clin Nut Met Care, 13: 44, 2010) found that the nervous system senses carbohydrates as soon as they enter the mouth, and boosts performance. However, other studies found no effects. It is likely that carbohydrate mouth rinses have only small effects on performance, if they work at all. (International Journal Sports Nutrition Exercise Metabolism, 25: 252-261, 2015)

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