High Dairy Food Intake Increases the Risk of Prostate Cancer

A meta-analysis that combined the results of 32 studies found that high intake of dairy foods increased the risk of prostate cancer by three to nine percent. Supplemental calcium did not increase the risk of the disease. Both nonfat and whole milk increased the risk of prostate cancer equally, so some component of milk other than calcium or fat might trigger the cancer. Last year, prostate cancer killed more than 30,000 men in the United States, making it the second most common cause of cancer-related death.

Prostate cancer kills only three out of 100 men, yet 50 percent of men over 50 and 75 percent of men over 85 have the disease. Being overweight, obese and smoking increase the risk of dying from the disease. Regular exercise is protective. Walking briskly for three hours per week reduces the risk of prostate cancer progression by 57 percent. Eating cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower reduces the progression of the disease. A healthy lifestyle consisting of weight control, regular exercise and a balanced diet is the best way to avoid the deadly form of prostate cancer. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 101:87-117, 2015)

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