Burn Fat While You Sleep with Thermo Heat Nighttime

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Getting lean and staying lean takes dedication. Exercise, eating the right foods and managing your appetite will all help, but think what your body could do with an extra fat-burning boost. That’s where Thermo Heat Nighttime comes in. Thermo Heat Nighttime is scientifically formulated to help your body burn fat while you sleep, using the powerful fat-burning properties of brown adipose tissue.

Brown adipose tissue, or BAT, was previously thought to only exist in infants. Now that BAT has been proved to exist in adults, the weight-loss capabilities of BAT are becoming clear. Unlike white adipose tissue, which burns fat to create cellular energy, the fat-burning action of brown adipose tissue converts the energy from burning fat into heat. This process is called thermogenesis, and leads to fat being torched by brown adipose tissue.

Advanced Molecular Labs put this knowledge to good use in our groundbreaking fat burner Thermo Heat. The exclusive blend of compounds in Thermo Heat activates BAT to burn fat, attacking body fat, suppressing appetite and increasing mental alertness.

Thermo Heat represents the cutting edge in sports supplements, so we asked ourselves— how we could expand the Thermo Heat range for round the clock fat-burning capability? Thermo Heat Nighttime is the result of our research.

Burn Fat While You Sleep with Thermo Heat Nighttime

Good Sleep is a Key Performance Enhancer

Good sleep is an extremely potent performance enhancer. Sleep stimulates the release of testosterone and growth hormone, triggering the body to burn fat and build muscle. Thermo Heat Nighttime works on two levels. As well as burning fat, it promotes relaxation and healthy sleep, providing the ideal conditions for night-long thermogenesis.

Thermo Heat Nighttime contains natural compounds specifically chosen for their relaxing properties. Taking Thermo Heat Nighttime before bed or before your evening meals means you’ll benefit from the fat-torching properties of Thermo Heat through morning, while enjoying better relaxation and better quality sleep.

Formulated to Torch Fat and Promote Healthy Sleep

Thermo Heat Nighttime is jam packed with compounds that have been scientifically shown to promote fat burning, weight loss and relaxation:

Capsaicinoids. BAT fat burning is activated when TRPV, a receptor molecule in the brain, is activated. Certain foods can stimulate TRPV activity and therefore BAT fat burning. Studies have shown that capsaicinoids, which give chili peppers their heat, are highly effective at turning up the thermogenic heat in the body.

Ingestion of capsaicinoids over a six-week period elevates BAT activity and brings down weight. Capsaicinoids are also known appetite suppressants, which coupled with their BAT-activating properties makes them the perfect ingredient for Thermo Heat Nighttime.

Melatonin. This hormone helps regulate the sleep/wake cycle, helping you fall asleep. Melatonin has also been shown to reduce bodyweight and help shift abdominal fat.

L-theanine. This amino acid, naturally found in tea, increases relaxation and lowers anxiety, promoting refreshing and high quality sleep.

5-HTP. This amino acid increases serotonin production, promoting sleepiness, lowering the appetite and curbing cravings.

GABA. Gamma-aminobutyric acid is known to bring about a reduction in stress and anxiety, as well as regulating cardiac and renal functions. GABA also regulates the production of growth hormone, supporting greater muscle growth.

Spices. Thermo Heat Nighttime contains a unique blend of spices that are known to curb the appetite. These include active ingredients from black pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Cinnamaldehyde, which is derived from cinnamon, also triggers TRPV activity and therefore BAT fat burning.

The unbeatable combination of fat-burning capsaicinoids with the perfect compounds for relaxation and good sleep makes Thermo Heat Nighttime the only choice if you want to burn fat around the clock and promote health and fitness from dusk till dawn.


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