Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Just the Plain Facts

Although I am not a physician, I do know and understand the importance of testosterone therapy and its effects on the human body in the earlier and later years of one’s life. Testosterone is a male hormone and is the body’s ‘naturally occurring steroid.’ Prior to becoming a man, a boy experiences puberty (around the age of 12) and the sudden increase in testosterone is what gives the boy a deeper voice, more muscle mass (increased appetite), growth of body/facial hair, increase in height, weight, and sex drive.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Normal amounts of testosterone can range from 350-1150 nanograms per deciliter, depending on one’s age and health, and will fluctuate as you get older. Having normal amounts of testosterone has been linked to increased muscle mass, improved cognitive abilities, enhanced libido, more energy and stamina while performing physical activities, increased bone density and fat loss, increased sperm production and fertility – just for starters. Low testosterone levels have been linked to sleepless nights, depression, fatigue, low libido, mood swings, and disinterest in normal day to day events.

While there are many OTC (over the counter) remedies that could possibly assist with boosting your testosterone, this really should be done under the supervision of a qualified Physician. If you’re experiencing the symptoms of low ‘test levels’ – therapy can be prescribed in the way of patches, gels, injections, and pellets and some pills over the counter. Testosterone in men has been shown on average to decline at a rate of 1% per year after the age of 30, so if you’re over the age of 30 and aren’t feeling up to par, (low libido and energy is first noticed), then you may be a good candidate for testosterone therapy, (or at least have the blood test to see where you are at).

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When on testosterone, men often times experience an enhanced sex drive, more energy in the gym, increased muscle mass and fat loss, increased hair and nail growth, better sleeping patterns, increased motivation and self-confidence and overall improved personal vitality, (kind of like going through puberty again). Consult with your physician regularly and perform the necessary blood work to make sure that your testosterone range falls within the appropriate range and check it often – this could make a drastic difference in not only your health and improved quality of life but for those that are closest to you, as well.

Trevor Adams

Trevor Adams is a certified nutritionist and male fitness model. Facebook: @TrevorAdams Instagram: @trevoradamsmodel

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