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If you want to burn fat, chances are you’ve come across a wealth of advice telling you to restrict calories and take on a rigorous exercise program. In theory, this approach is sound: Less calories and more exercise causes an energy deficit, which your body will replenish by burning fat.

But what if those things alone can’t help you burn fat the way you want to? Most fat-burning programs encourage extensive cardiovascular work, which can inhibit muscle growth. That makes the traditional approach ineffective if you’re trying to build muscle while losing fat.

Turn Up The Heat!

BAT Thermogenesis: A Revolutionary New Understanding of Fat Burning

With traditional fat-burning regimes proving their shortcomings, Advanced Molecular Labs saw the need for a brand new approach to fat burning. That’s where BAT thermogenesis comes in.

Just what is BAT thermogenesis? BAT stands for brown adipose tissue. Adipose tissue, or fat, in the human body falls into two categories: White and brown. This brown fat is known to produce heat by vigorously burning fat, a process known as BAT thermogenesis.

The existence of BAT in adult humans is a relatively new discovery— it was previously thought to exist only in infants— which opens up exciting possibilities for fat burning and fitness.

Thermo HeatAll cells can produce some heat from thermogenesis, especially when body temperature drops, but BAT cells are unique in just how effective they are at burning fat. In white fat cells, the energy produced from burning fat is used in the production of energy for the cells. Brown fat cells, however, have just the right proteins within them to unlink fat burning from energy production, meaning that as they burn fat they produce heat instead.

BAT is stimulated to produce heat in response to cold. A drop in temperature triggers TRPV, a receptor molecule in the brain, triggering BAT thermogenesis. Effective BAT activity and fat reduction requires around two hours of exposure to temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Staying cold for two hours isn’t practical, which prompted Advanced Molecular Labs to ask one very important question: How can we trigger BAT thermogenesis without the need for a prolonged drop in body temperature?

Turn Up The Heat!

Thermo Heat Boosts Thermogenesis and Torches Fat

Enter Thermo Heat, a fat-burning supplement that is going to set the nutritional supplement world on fire. Thermo Heat brings together a formidable blend of fat-eradicating compounds, carefully designed to crank up thermogenesis. Fat burning is more effective than ever, while the need for muscle-depleting cardiovascular exercise and calorie-restricted diets is lowered. The result? A greater capacity to pack on lean muscle mass.

Thermo Heat Triggers Fat Burning

Thermo Heat is packed with powerful ingredients that have been proven to stimulate the fat-burning power of brown adipose tissue:

Capsaicin and capsinoids. Turns out the compounds that give chili peppers their kick also kick the TRPV receptors in the brain into action. Studies show that the action of capsaicin and capsinoids stimulates the TRPV receptors and increases BAT heat production. Even a single dose of capsinoid activates BAT thermogenesis, while ingestion over a six-week period reduces body fat as well. Capsinoids can even increase the amount of brown adipose tissue in the body, creating even more fat-burning capabilities.

Tyrosine and caffeine. Studies show that when taken alongside capsaicin, tyrosine and caffeine add an extra boost to BAT-triggered fat loss. Tyrosine and caffeine strengthen the signals between the TRPV receptors in the brain and the brown adipose tissue, leading to improved BAT activity and more efficient fat burning.

Ursolic acid. This natural compound, which is found in apples, cranberries, rosemary and lavender, has been shown to increase BAT levels. As well as increasing the amount of brown adipose tissue in the body, ursolic acid also boosts BAT activity, leading to reduced body fat and improved muscle growth.

Synephrine. This naturally occurring alkaloid, which can be found in bitter orange, oranges and grapefruit, is a powerful weight management tool. Synephrine has been touted as a more natural and safer alternative to ephedrine, which can negatively influence cardiac function. Synephrine increases metabolic rate, and activates BAT fat burning.

Micronutrients. The micronutrients oleuropein (found in extra virgin olive oil) and kaempferol (found in tea, broccoli and grapefruit) both enhance fat burning in the brown adipose tissue. Oleuropein works by increasing production of the protein UCP-1 in BAT, while kaempferol stimulates the production of thyroid hormones, triggering a fat-burning reaction.

Bile acids. Bile acids have been shown to make a real difference to fat-burning in the body. Bile acids catalyze the production of active thyroid hormones, which in turn stimulates thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue. Thyroid hormones are potent fat burners, and the bile acids in Thermo Heat regulate their function in a revolutionary way that safely harnesses their fat-burning power.

Thermo Heat

Thermo Heat is a powerful science-backed supplement, filled to the brim with compounds that stimulate brown adipose tissue to work hard and torch fat. Take fat burning to the next level and provide an unbeatable boost to your training and exercise regime with this fat-burning heavyweight.

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