The Caveman Diet

Nutrition that Works with Your Genes

The Caveman Diet - Nutrition that Works with Your Genes
Human metabolism evolved over millions of years. Ancient humans consumed diets high in vegetables, fruits, meats, beans and roots— the caveman diet. Modern diets are higher in processed foods containing chemical additives, saturated and trans fats, simple sugars, and calorie-dense nutrients. We are genetically programmed to thrive on the caveman diet, but modern processed food diets promote cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer. The caveman diet provides sterols, antioxidants, flavanoids and more to help combat diseases of civilization. You can’t escape environment, but you can fight back, even if just a little by eating a more natural diet that helps you counter the chemical onslaught. The caveman diet tastes good, promotes metabolic health and fights hunger so that you can maintain a healthy weight. (Yahoo News)

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