Gym Etiquette

Keep Your ‘Second Home’ Clean, Too

Gym Etiquette - Keep Your ‘Second Home’ Clean, Too
Fellow gym goers, I must admit that I’ve never read an article, (not that I read a lot) about the ‘basics’ of respecting others while working out, but because of my many experiences in dealing with people that like to be inconsiderate, (both knowingly and unknowingly) to others while in the gym, I commit to writing you this article. I am in no way trying to be sarcastic or disrespectful but do have some thoughts that I’d like to convey.

For starters, if you’re going to go get a sip at the water fountain, please dispose of your spit wads and gum in the trash and NOT the water fountain; how do you spell DISGUSTING? I don’t want my face anywhere near anything that came out of your mouth – unless of course it’s holding a hundred dollar bill.

Gym Etiquette - Keep Your ‘Second Home’ Clean, TooSecondly, now that we’re talking about water fountains – if you have a line of people behind you, don’t fill up your gallon of water just yet – it’s RUDE. Not only are you holding up the line but the water fountain only holds so much cold water before it starts to turn warm. I don’t know about you but I don’t like drinking warm water so don’t be discourteous when refilling your water bottles. If you’re that darn thirsty, consider bringing the 5 gallon Ozarka container next time and just think of all the extra calories you’ll burn when you make 14 trips to the restroom while holding it on your shoulder.

Next, if you sweat like a pig during your workouts, wipe up the bench you just saturated your perspiration with, wink. Unless you’re a hot super model, no one wants to lay in that puddle.

Gym Etiquette - Keep Your ‘Second Home’ Clean, TooThis is a pretty basic one that is posted in most gyms but when you’re done lifting your weights, it’s only proper to re-rack them. This makes it easy for the physically or athletically challenged people, (or the elderly) to get started with their workout without having to re-rack He-Man’s weights. Also, how many times have you went to the free weight rack to pick out a particular sized weight, only to notice that it’s not there and doesn’t seem to be in use. Later on during your workout, you see it on the other side of the gym under a bench somewhere because some moron was too lazy to put it back. Don’t let me get started.

What about the people who get to chitter chattin’ while they are at a certain piece of equipment? Dolores is speaking with Barbara or Tom is talking with Dan about God knows what and you or someone else really wants to use this equipment – be courteous and keep the gossip down to a minimum and chat afterwards or in the locker room. Some people, like myself, are very focused during their workouts and don’t want to be disrupted by certain people that tie up the equipment for several minutes – when they are NOT working out, but chit chatting – move along now.

If you’re a strong man competitor and want to workout with the chalk – that’s great, just clean up after yourself when you’re done. It looked as though Casper the friendly ghost had just worked out and left some remnants of himself behind just so you’d know he was there, (btw, I do believe in ghost).

If you workout with a towel and just leave it on any random piece of equipment when you’re done with your workout, two chops to the throat – that’s annoying. This makes me think that someone is still using it and the split second that I even think about sitting down to exercise there, some Joe will come by and tell me he has 40 more sets to do. And when I show up the next day, that same towel that someone didn’t toss in the towel bin is still there, just daring anyone to workout at that station.

Gym Etiquette - Keep Your ‘Second Home’ Clean, TooCable cross over machine – if you’re NOT going to use the cable CROSSOVER machine for its intended purpose, meaning you’re not using both at the same time for whatever chest or back exercise and are just using one side; USE THE CABLE PULL-DOWN AT THE OPPOSING ENDS INSTEAD, (if available) it’s usually for ‘single use’ exercises. It’s very irksome when someone ties up the whole machine but is only using one side – get out of the way Mofo.

Before you get in front of the mirror to primp or lift whatever weight you are going to lift, be sure to look over your shoulder and make sure that no one is lifting weights behind you. People actually use the mirror to ‘spot’ themselves while lifting. I can’t tell you how many times I’m right in the middle of a workout and some shmuck gets in front of the mirror, right in front of me, completely throwing off my swagger. Next time there will be a dumbbell hurled in your direction, so take notice of others around you por favor.

I will get off my high horse (for now) but just wanted to get this off my chest. I’m sure most of you are guilty of some of the things I’ve mentioned at one time or another, (so am I) so there’s no need to enter a guilty plea just yet. Just keep these few things in mind next time you hit the gym and I will keep the karate chops to a minimum. Enjoy your workout ;-)

Trevor Adams

Trevor Adams is a certified nutritionist and male fitness model. Facebook: @TrevorAdams Instagram: @trevoradamsmodel

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