Money Man: NPC MPD Competitor Nick D’Alessandro


Your elders always say to make sure that you get a good education, and it’s always a good idea to have that ‘piece of paper’ as you forge your way through the game called life. Being college educated is a great fall back option in case you don’t have the looks, but there are some lucky people who tend to have it all.

Meet Nick D’Alessandro, Men’s Physique Division competitor.

The 22-year old recently graduated from Oklahoma State University and is now working as a financial advisor in Oklahoma City. But his time at school was also filled with days and nights hitting the gym as well as the books.

"I have been lifting weights since I started college in 2008," the Dallas, Texas native says. "My roommate thought that I would do well as a competitor because I have always had the ‘beach body’ physique, as well as an outgoing personality."

In his senior year, D’Alessandro’s college roomie persuaded him to enter the 2012 NPC Battle of the Bodies in the MPD and even helped him out during his prep. Being named the overall winner of that show pushed D’Alessandro to enter the NPC Oklahoman and he placed first in Class B.

Then things began to get a little more serious, as he found himself standing on stage in his home state at the NPC Branch Warren Classic. Winning the overall in Houston (and at a national qualifier) a shot at entering the Nationals, and he did so at the last show in Atlanta. "I placed ninth out of 40 competitors," he said of his showing at one of the most prestigious on the NPC calendar.

Looking ahead to the present year, D’Alessasndro has decided to enter the Phil Heath Classic (March 16) and the ultra-competitive Team Universe (July 5-6).

"I am on the oath to obtaining my IFBB pro card and would like to compete as much as possible," he says. "I would love to win the Olympia one day and prove to the world that you can compete and win on the biggest of stages remaining completely natural if you just put forth the time, discipline and hard work."

Sounds like a smart idea.​

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