Ronda Rousey of the UFC

Is She the Toughest – and Sexiest – Female Athlete?

Ronda Rousey of the UFC - Is She the Toughest – and Sexiest – Female Athlete?
Things are coming to a head…again. And for fans of the great sport of mixed martial arts, you couldn’t be any happier. You see, two of the biggest names in the Ultimate Fighting Championship just happen to be women and they are going to get it on for the second time on December 28, 2013 at UFC 168.

This has been brewing for years, but it reached a crescendo during the most recent season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” with Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate being on opposite sides for weeks as coaches of their respective teams, which were comprised of both male and female athletes.

Ronda Rousey of the UFC - Is She the Toughest – and Sexiest – Female Athlete?Throughout the filming of the popular reality series, it was blatantly obvious to even the casual viewer that these two ladies do not care for one another, to put it mildly. As a matter of fact, it would be fair to say that there is more hate than mutual respect present.

But what makes this rivalry even more special is that both women are drop-dead gorgeous even though they take punches in the face for a living. There is as much debate over who is hotter than it is who is tougher.

Ronda Rousey of the UFC - Is She the Toughest – and Sexiest – Female Athlete?In their first fight back on March 3, 2012, both were a part of Strikeforce and Rousey won Tate’s Women’s Bantamweight title via armbar submission at the 4:27 mark of the first round. That is Rousey’s patented finishing move and one that she has defeated each and every one of her seven opponents with.

“My back can bend backwards farther than your elbow can,” said Rousey. “So if I can hold onto your elbow and arch my back as far back as I can, your elbow has no choice but to dislocate. It’s just physics and anatomy.”

Because women’s MMA is still in its infancy, Rousey can set the standard with another win over Tate and confirm her standing as the toughest in her class. As far as who is the sexiest…well, that’s opinion-based.

We’ll call that one a draw.


“I have two-to-three workouts a day. They could be anything from striking, to grappling, wrestling, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, strength and conditioning or swimming. The cool thing about my training schedule is (that) every day is different. We try to keep my muscles guessing and my mind entertained. There’s no point in training if you’re not having fun. The trick is to make it an enjoyable experience and then motivation is easy to come by.”


“I usually have a high-carb breakfast (like oatmeal), a half carb/half protein lunch and then an all-protein dinner. I can have little snacks throughout the day, like frozen grapes, almonds with agave nectar or trail mix. And I never eat within three hours of going to bed.”

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