Mastering the Snatch and Clean From Full Extension

Performing either the squat snatch or squat clean requires lightning speed and good body position. Athletes must complete the pull during both lifts before going into the squat. Mark DiSanto from the Old Greenwich Sports and Wellness Center in Connecticut, and colleagues, described full-extension exercises for improving performance in the snatch and clean. For the snatch, hold an empty barbell with the snatch grip and go into a full extension by rising up on your toes, extending the knees and hips, elevating the shoulders, and pulling the bar to the chest while holding the elbows outward. Pause for two seconds, and then snatch the bar overhead while going into a squat. Stand up with the bar overhead. The movement is similar for the clean, except that you use a shoulder-width grip, extend fully, go into a front squat and then push up to a standing position. These are terrific exercises for emphasizing full extension during the snatch and clean. (Strength and Conditioning Journal, 37 (1): 1-4, 2015)

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