Should You Include Kettlebell Training in Your Weight Program?

Kettlebell training uses high-speed, ballistic motions that derive power from the hips and legs, while sparing and stabilizing the back. Whole-body movements require carefully choreographed control patterns from the nervous system that build muscles functionally— the way we use them in sports and in life. Most kettlebell movements start from the basic athletic position, with knees bent, hips back, arms forward, chest out, and spine and head neutral. Kettlebell exercises build strength from this position, which transfers to almost everything we do.

Bill Campbell and William Otto discussed the pros and cons of kettlebell training. While it helps people perform functional movements, there is little evidence that it is superior to other strength-training techniques. Also, many people perform kettlebell exercises improperly, which could cause serious back and shoulder injuries. It is not the only way to improve strength and fitness, but it is fun and effective and is a powerful tool in your training arsenal. (Strength and Conditioning Journal, 35(5): 27-28, 2013)

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