Top 5 Chest Building Tips

Top 5 Chest Building TipsBy Jason Axe

A good chest is a man pride! Big pecs are something desired from physique competitors to bodybuilders, so building it should require some attention to detail. In this article we’ll review basics.

1- Begin EVERY chest workout with a good stretch of the rotator cuffCuff injuries are all too common in a chest workout from lack of stretch, bad form or weight overload. Stretch before and after to increase range of motion.

2- Be in control of the weights – Slow controlled movements are key. FORM FORM FORM is always a work in progress always something you can improve. Because you stretched, you should have good range of motion.

3- Overload your chest – You are there to work out, so move weight that’s difficult without causing injury. With each set, push until your arms begin to tremble. Tremble means you are in the zone.

4- Isometric contractions, meaning finish the workout with push-ups till failure – Any strength that was left, deplete it now until you can’t get up, and do another set. As with each set you have to ask yourself, “How bad do I want this!” Humble yourself, because if you do it right, you’ll be left lying on the floor fatigued.

5- Last but not least, rest – Chest growth and healing happens over the next two days. In that time when you feel sore, it’s a good thing. Over time, it becomes harder to become sore because you have to switch up set tempo, weight or form. Soreness means you are doing it right! Sometimes your have to stretch to feel the soreness.

To conclude, you are not going to see results overnight. Like many guys, I wanted a big chest but wishing for it was getting me nowhere. Following these tips changed the game for me. As they say on Instagram, #PayYourDues.

I see my reps as I see my gains, limitless

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