Outdoor Track Workout For Busy People

Get a Full-Body Routine in 15 Minutes

I love whenever I get the chance to leave my house for an outdoor track workout. Just this past weekend, I was one busy dad. I was painting the house, mowing the lawn and doing all types of homeowner activities. Of course, it was a beautiful day outside and all I could think about was the beach or getting a great outdoor workout in. By the time I was done with the household projects and chores, I had just 30 minutes before my wife and I had to leave for a wedding.

So, what did I do?

I used my “15-minute outdoor track workout for busy people” template.

Yes, I said 15 minutes.

That was all I needed to get a great, full-body and kick-butt workout in. By the end of this workout, I was dripping in sweat and bursting with energy from the endorphins. Check it out.

How You Do It

4 moves, no rest between the moves.

1. 20 ball froggers
2. 20 ball arches
3. 20 Russian twists
4. 20-yard sprints

It’s that simple! Keep rotating through those 4 moves at the set amount of reps for 15 minutes.

During these 15 minutes, you want to take as little rest as possible. Remember, this entire workout is only 15 minutes, so you have the rest of the day to get your rest and relaxation in.

Enjoy this outdoor track workout and get on with your busy day!

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Ben Boudro, MS, CSCS

Strength and Conditioning Specialist Ben Boudro is the owner of Xceleration Sports in Auburn Hills, MI, an 8500 sq. ft facility that offers sports-specific training for youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes. . Prior to owning his own facility, Ben spent 2.5 years as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach at Michigan State University. A five-year member and team captain of the MSU Wrestling Team, Ben holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology specializing in Health Promotion, a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and holds Strength & Conditioning certifications with the NSCA and CSSCa.

Website: xcelspeed.com
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