4 Tips To Transform Your Home Into The Ultimate Gym

By Stephanie Sylvester

Even if the gym is your second home, having workout options at your first home is the best way to stay committed to your routine. Unexpected overtime or other life obligations may create obstacles to getting to the gym, but if you are prepared with a home workout space, your body will not have to pay the price of a missed day. At Modernize, we aim to provide home design ideas that are efficient and functional. If staying lean and strong are priorities in your life, consider these simples steps to transforming your home into a free gym.

Tips To Transform Your Home Into The Ultimate Gym

Choose Equipment Wisely

The best equipment for your home gym depends upon what you’re likely to use and what you have room for. If you do not have a lot of space, a few simple items will help you get some reps in on even the busiest days. An over-the-door chin up bar, stackable weights, and a full-length mirror to keep your form in check are the essentials. Tack on some push ups and planks and you can feel better about a full day that won’t allow for gym time. A stereo system, television, or phone charging dock is necessary to play your best workout mix or squeeze in a newscast, podcast, or audiobook to maximize this time for yourself.

Tips To Transform Your Home Into The Ultimate Gym

Flooring For Roomier Home Gyms

If you are lucky enough to have a designated room for your home gym, the most important thing to shop for is the right flooring to meet your needs. Choose a flooring material that is both easy to clean and durable for the equipment that you plan to use. Rubber tiles sound like a reasonable choice, but over time they start to separate. Vinyl tiles would keep the cost down and stall mats can be placed in areas where you keep kettlebells and weight benches. Treadmills and other high-impact cardio equipment are best paired with concrete flooring. If a treadmill must be placed on wood or another flooring that is likely to scratch, be sure to place equipment mats underneath the machine. If cardio equipment bores you and you plan to boost your heart rate with jumping rope, you will want to find something with better shock absorption. In this case, wood would be the better choice.

Tips To Transform Your Home Into The Ultimate Gym

Dream Home Gym

If you’re ready to invest in a home gym and cancel your club membership, consider a total overhaul with your dream setup. The investment will eventually pay for itself when you stop paying your dues. Make a list of all of your must-have items and would-be-nice options and take them to an architect to help transform your home gym into a club-caliber workout space. Place your cardio equipment so that you are facing a window, if possible. You have to stare at enough walls in the course of a day. Notice the world outside your window and you’ll feel grounded and centered as you push your body to its maximum potential. Ceiling fans will keep you cool and comfortable while you are sweating buckets. A closet or bureau for workout clothes and gear will keep everything convenient when you need it, but out of sight when you invite a guest over for some heavy lifting.

Tips To Transform Your Home Into The Ultimate Gym

Do Something

Nothing is worse than waiting all day for a workout and then having to skip it when unexpected obligations pop up. Even if you feel most motivated at the gym, it’s better to give it your all at home than to do nothing at all. You may even find yourself driven to start every day with a lift in your own home, even if there is time for a visit to the “real” gym. There is nothing wrong with a few extra reps to stay ripped and focused.

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