5 Steps

To Building a Solid Physique

5 Steps - To Building a Solid Physique
By NPC MPD Competitor Art Ortiz

1) Cardio: early morning fasted low intensity cardio (incline walk NO HANDS!!!) This type of cardio ensures that your body is eating up fat and not living off muscle tissue that you have busted your ass to gain.

2) Hit the gym with a plan: A boxer does not step into the ring without knowing his opponent, knowing his every move, his style, his strengths, his weaknesses, etc. He studies his opponent and comes into the ring with a plan of attack. He hits his training camp every day with a plan of attack and if he didn’t come in and execute that plan, he gets knocked out! HIT THE GYM WITH A PLAN! Give yourself 10 minutes to think about what is about to go down when you walk in that gym. Don’t be that guy walking around aimlessly talking to people and using the machines your friend is using or following someone else’s workout because you THINK they know what they are doing. Walk in the gym with a plan, pull your hat low, turn your music up and DO WORK!

3) Supplementation: get the most out of your supplementation:

Cardio: L-carnatine helps the body fight fat. Take one serving before and after your cardio. Mix in a DNPX2 and be a fat burning machine during your early morning cardio session!

Pre workout: 1 scoop of Mr. Hyde 15-30 minutes before you hit the gym floor. Be ready for ‘Extream’ focus, insane energy and one crazy pump…. tie that in with
your workout game plan and be ready to be a MONSTER in the gym!!!

Intra workout: Don’t forget your BCAAs during your workout (like I said get the MOST out of your supplements). BCAA’s work best when your body is under stress and when would your body be under it’s most stressful state? WHEN YOU ARE
BEASTING IT IN THE GYM!! Intake my BCAA’s intra workout and it works like a charm.

Post workout: lets load up! KARBOLIC time lets refuel the body! Karbolic acts like a pump and forces carbs and nutrients through your stomach into the bloodstream. Delivering nutrients to a worked muscle is critical for muscle growth and recovery.

5 Steps - To Building a Solid Physique4) Rest: sleep sleep sleep…. So important to get some quality z’s. You just killed it from morning till night. It’s time to rest and let your body grow. Every night when I get home, I shower, prep my food, pop two crash pills, set my alarm to ensure I get my 8 hours (no more no less) and it’s off to bed. Crash helps put me into a deep sleep to allow muscles to recover as well as burn fat and preserve muscle tissue while you sleep. Wake up in the morning feeling like a champ with no restless groggy feeling, but a feeling of a solid night’s rest.

5) Nutrition: last but not least we have now kicked ass on cardio, beasted it in the gym, loaded up on supps and got an amazing nights rest – so lets fuel up! You have just put all this work in and built yourself a world-class machine. WHY would you fuel it with junk? If you drove a Lamborghini, would you use regular fuel from a no name gas station? HELL NO! So why would you do that to your body? Fuel your body with lean and clean proteins some greens and good clean proper carbohydrates. Like I said, you put the work in, you built this machine, so fuel it with proper fuel. We want a long lasting, well-built body that we could be proud of year round, not one we keep covered up and that falls apart often. Make every day count!

Much more to come…. Be sure to check back in to get my secret shredding tips!

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Art Ortiz, a 29-year-old model, actor, sponsored athlete and family man, was born and raised in Los Angeles. He first discovered his love for fitness during his 17 years playing baseball. An unfortunate wrist and arm injury left his baseball career at a standstill and sparked his decision to pursue a career in fitness. He has been featured in Models Health fittest body winner in 2009, and Models Health featured model in 2010.

In 2011, he was titled NPC National Men’s Physique competitor 2x overall winner, as well as placing 2nd in the 2011 NPC Southern California Championships. He took home 1st and winning the Overall in the 2011 Los Angels Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, and also placed 1st and winning the Overall NPC Tournament of Champions in 2011. In 2012, Art placed 4th at the NPC USA’s and fell short of his pro card. Art will be hitting the stage once again this year in hopes to obtain that Pro Card that all NPC athletes are chasing. He is also a Sponsored Pro Supps Athlete.

While competing in fitness championships both state and nationwide, he found his love for the camera and acting. Art has three years of acting and modeling experience and has worked on several hit T.V. shows such as Cold Case Files, The Mentalist, The Forgotten, Bones, and House. He also modeled for a Dr. Pepper ad that was featured in several magazines. His latest acting/modeling achievement is playing 3rd baseman Eric Chavez in Brad Pitt’s new movie MoneyBall.


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