Exercising After An 8-5 Shift

Exercising After An 8-5 ShiftBy Jason Aaron Baca

It’s 5 o’clock, time to leave work! It is decision time for you. What’ll it be? Head to the gym and crank out an hour of exercise or head on home and throw a fattening frozen combo pizza in the oven for a quick fix? I myself was responsible for doing the second option all too often!

When we leave work, we feel a sense of relief from the stresses our job provides us. We may imagine going home, reclining on the comfort chair and closing our eyes. Instead what we should be imagining is what muscles we plan to workout when we arrive at the gym. What a lot of society doesn’t realize is the stress build up from a hard day’s work can actually build up inside our bodies. The best possible action for relieving this is a nice tense workout followed by a low fat balanced dinner.

Start off slowly when you get to the gym. The worst thing anyone could do is try to rush in and then start doing heavy lifting to “get it out of the way.” This is no good. You have to create hunger in your mind that is craving to pick up those weights and make muscles. To do this, I recommend 10-15 minutes of the stair climber or treadmill at a brisk pace. This will build up your heart rate and get the blood pumping.

Besides the cardio, I recommend stretching your entire body from head to toe. Don’t leave anything out. I recommend 5-8 minutes of nice stretching after your mini cardio session. Once you have completed your stretching, you are ready to go.

Exercising After An 8-5 ShiftPut on some high energy music on your Ipod and get in a bubble. Note the time you begin, do not allow yourself to walk out of that gym until a full hour has passed.

Lastly, ten minutes before your hour is up, take inventory on the muscles you worked. Ask yourself “do they feel exercised and worked? And if not, can I handle doing a few more sets of this machine?” Its not a great feeling to walk out of the gym unsatisfied from your workout. You want to walk out of there feeling like you accomplished something physically that was a difficult task for that day.

Sometimes you just don’t have it! You can have the will but can’t seem to will your muscles to achieve that day. This all takes practice and determination. If getting in shape was simple, we’d all have nice bodies to show off.

So let’s recap.

Step 1 – Begin thinking about how your workout will go once you leave the office.

Step 2 – When arriving at the gym, begin with something simple to get the muscles warmed up

Step 3 – Stretch out the entire body. Giving your muscles that stretch will help burn in the cuts and separation.

Step 4 – Establish the right high energy music for you.(It’s a lot easier to workout to high energy music then sad songs.)

Step 5 – Workout for a minimum of 1 hour in the gym before leaving.

Step 6 – Take inventory on your muscles before leaving the gym, if you feel you have more in your gas tank to give, go for it.

The workout routine I recommend in the gym is a four day workout. You can use either a resistance band or free weights. I enjoy a little of both to change up my routine and shock the muscles.

Day 1 – Chest & Triceps. Do your triceps with your chest since you already work them in your bench workout.

Day 2 – Back & Biceps. Blending in your biceps with the back works well because you already use a lot of that muscle from the various back exercises.

Day 3 – Legs, I always do legs on their own and give them just as much attention as the upper body if not more.

Day 4 – Shoulders. They are a major body part and need to be trained all the way around, front,side and back deltoids.

Cardio should be performed 5-6 days a week with a minimum of 20 minutes. Ten minutes of stomach crunches is something that should be performed daily without exception.

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Photos by – Portia Shao

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