Fighting Off Workout Plateaus in the Gym

Fighting Off Workout Plateaus in the GymBy Jason Aaron Baca

One of the most challenging problems in the gym is when you hit that point where you have been working out consistently for 6 months or so and then you hit a wall. You feel that you suddenly can’t step foot in the gym unless you have a pot of coffee first or you manage to get in the gym but the weights suddenly feel heavier to you.
You may even arrive at the gym and start off feeling good but then 20 minutes into your workout, you feel drained, lethargic and ready to go back to bed. Does this sound like you? Ok read on for a possible solution.

I have hit this plateau many many times over the years. I can’t afford the rut because of my career as a romance cover model. Living through a plateau means that unless I come up with a plan to combat it, it will remain until only time will tell.

Fighting Off Workout Plateaus in the GymThen I came up with the plan! So I decided that I wouldn’t work out in the gym for a while. My brain needed a new challenge, a new mystery with working out so I began working out in a local park using a plastic stretch cord. I wanted to escape the everyday blah’s that I was feeling from working out. I also wanted a break from all the talking I was doing in between my sets from making all my friends. It’s very easy to find yourself making loads of friends after you have been a member at the same gym for a while. I had to keep my social life separate from my workout life if I was to see improvement on my body.

I reestablished my vision of what I wanted to look like once again and printed a few photos of bodies that I wanted to have mine look like. Once I had that embedded in my brain. I began my workout with the stretch band. Immediately following the routine, I did some running for cardio and followed that up with a good stretch. I’d make sure to drink plenty of water on a regular basis as well, which is the ideal fluid to hydrate if you want a nice ripped look. I also added in some fresh vitamins. I learned from reading Franco Colombo’s book on dieting that he’d always reach for the newest vitamins on the shelves because the closer the expiration date, the less effective the vitamins were due to time packaged up.

After a solid month of this new routine with the stretch cord, jogging for 15-20 minutes, and hydrating with spring water, & fresh vitamins, I was ready to head back into the gym.
When I returned to the gym, it felt like a whole new me! The gym was fun again, I felt challenged and all the weights appeared new to my brain since I’d hadn’t seen them in over a month. Taking month long vacations from the gym doesn’t have to be a bad thing anymore especially if your brain is craving just that. Now you don’t have to put on 10lbs. of fat while you’re away. In fact, you’ll look even more toned when you come back from shocking the muscles!

So the next time you are feeling low and tired at the gym, consider this idea, it works!

Try these other techniques to work off plateaus –
– Do exercises in reverse order
– Do negatives, slow going down
– Go lighter more reps or heavier less reps
– Adjust diet, times you eat
– Workout at different times of the day
– Do abs first then your workout

Jason Aaron Baca
Photos by Mark Jenkins

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