The 30-Minute Total-Body Fat-Burning Workout

Time to hit every muscle fiber your body has and light up your metabolism with this full-body workout. This fast paced, explosive full body workout that are sure to get you ripped and in shape fast – and it only takes 30 minutes!

This circuit is a “stack” style circuit – meaning that you will work the same body part for 2 exercises straight.

The 30-Minute Total-Body Fat-Burning Workout


• Run through this circuit from A1-A6 straight through with no rest, then take a 1-minute rest between rounds.
• Perform 10 reps for all exercises
• Complete 4 rounds total

Warm Up

▪ World’s Best Stretch x 5
Overhead Squat x 10
▪ Scorpions x 10
▪ Inchworm to pushup x 10


A1: Kettlebell Squat + Turn
A2: Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift
A3: Bench
A4: 1 Arm Medicine Ball Pushups
A5: Pull-Ups
A6: Bent Over Row

Ben Boudro, MS, CSCS

Strength and Conditioning Specialist Ben Boudro is the owner of Xceleration Sports in Auburn Hills, MI, an 8500 sq. ft facility that offers sports-specific training for youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes. . Prior to owning his own facility, Ben spent 2.5 years as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach at Michigan State University. A five-year member and team captain of the MSU Wrestling Team, Ben holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology specializing in Health Promotion, a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and holds Strength & Conditioning certifications with the NSCA and CSSCa.


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