The Best Lifts for Chiseled Chest

The Best Lifts for Chiseled Chest - INCLINE DUMBBELL FLYE


This exercise is good for isolating the upper chest. Lie on the incline bench holding the dumbbells together at arms length, elbows bent slightly and palms facing each other. Lower the dumbbells to the side of your chest and in line with your ears. Return to the starting position using same path. Keep your chest high and your head on the bench.

The Best Lifts for Chiseled Chest - PEC-DECK FLYE


This exercise is also excellent for isolating the pecs. Sit on the machine with your back flat against the seat. Adjust the wings at 90 degrees. Place your forearms on the pads and draw the wings toward the middle until they touch. Return to the starting position.

The Best Lifts for Chiseled Chest - CABLE CROSSOVER


This is a good exercise for building the upper-body muscles. Also, you build the core muscles— the abs, back and side muscles— because they must stabilize your spine when doing the exercise.

Grasp the handles of the upper pulleys and extend your arms upward in a “V” with palms facing downward. Bend your arms slightly and bend at the waist. Pull the handles downward until your hands touch each other at about waist level; return slowly to the starting position.

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