Exercises to Build a Full Chest

Isolate the Upper Chest for Balanced Pecs

A full chest means the muscle has been developed from lateral to medial (outer to inner chest) and lower to upper. However, the actual anatomy of the chest allows for more muscle development in the lower region than the upper. Hence, for a balanced chest it’s important to not only target that upper region with effective exercise such as the incline bench (both the barbell and dumbbell variation) but also include exercises that can further isolate that area. The three “finishing” exercises in these videos can be incorporated into your chest workout and are a great way to isolate and target that region.

Low Pulley Single-Arm Crossover

Standing Incline Plate Press


Alex Carneiro

Alexandre Carneiro is an IFBB Pro Physique athlete, kinesiologist, nutritionist and coach. An Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete and certified ACSM trainer. Born in Brasilia-Brazil and raised all around the world, Alexandre’s knowledge and passion for fitness extends from the physiological adaptations of ergogenic aids to the biomechanical form of the body and it’s structure. As an international fitness icon he develops and trains athletes and individuals world wide and shares his knowledge fortraining, nutrition and supplementation around the globe. Feel free to contact Alexandre anyway on the following sites: Twitter Facebook Instagram Official Website

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