5 Total-Body Sled Exercises

Prowler and other sleds are one of the most useful tools to have at your disposal when it comes to training. If your gym has sleds, you should definitely be using them in your training programs. Typically, sleds are used for lower-body strength and overall conditioning by pushing the sled as fast as possible doing sled sprints.

If you have used sled before, chances are this is what you did with them. But did you know you can target almost any body part using a sled? Here are the top five total-body sled variations.

5 Total-Body Sled Exercises


Hook straps or suspension straps up to your sled and face the sled, grabbing the handles. Step back until the straps are tight, pinching your elbows to your sides. Keeping your back straight, squat down slightly and step backwards keeping a constant pace. Maintain this slight squat position with your elbows pinched the entire time.


Hook the straps or suspension straps just the same as above and grab the handles, again facing the sled. This time, step back until your arms are fully extended from your body and squat down slightly. Explosively row (pull) the straps toward your chest. Then take a step back, get into your quarter squat, and repeat.


Set the straps up just as before and take a step back until your arms are fully extended. Supinate (rotate) your hands until your palms are facing the sky. This time stand completely straight, but lean back slightly with your arms straight out from your chest. Keeping your elbows in the same spot, curl your hands up to your face. Take a step backand repeat.

5 Total-Body Sled Exercises


Set up the sled and straps just as before, taking a step back with arms fully extended. Pronate (rotate) your hands so they are facing the ground with your arms straight out from your chest and the straps are tight. Pull your hands to your face, keeping your elbows up the entire time, ending with your hands just outside of your eyes. Take a step back and repeat.


Load up a sled with more weight than you would use for a sled sprint. Wrap your straps around the handles or take them of completely, and get into position with your hands on the handles and elbows bent – with a very generous forward lean. Drive your knee explosively to your chest and back into the ground, alternating legs at a consistent but slower pace. You may be surprised at how much weight you can push this way so don’t be afraid to load the sled up with plates.


Set up cones 20-30 yards apart and set a timer to 7 minutes. Perform the following as many times as possible in the allotted time, pushing and pulling the sled from cone to cone. Once you reach a cone, reverse direction for the next exercise and repeat.

• Slow Sled Push
• Reverse Sled Drag
• Slow Sled Push
• Sled Row
• Slow Sled Push
• Sled Face Pull
• Slow Sled Push
• Sled Curls

Repeat as many times as possible. As you can see you will never have to turn the sled around, just wrap the straps around the weight pole or handles and change direction.

John Papp

John Papp is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance Coach at Xceleration Sports (Auburn Hills, Mich.), where he works with high school and college athletes as well as adult clients. He is a senior at Oakland University, studying Exercise Science.

Website: JohnPappFitness.com

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