Muscle Building Secrets: A Visual History

Muscle Building Secrets: A Visual History

“Anything I do, I give the best I’ve got,” bodybuilding’s legendary Vince Gironda (1917-1997), known as “The Iron Guru,” is quoted as saying in the opening pages of Karl Coyne’s latest book, Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3. Fortunately for bodybuilding fans, Karl Coyne has the same high standards in his homage to Gironda and the bodybuilding legends he trained that include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane and Larry Scott. Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3 is a visually stunning encyclopedia of bodybuilding with a wealth of training and nutrition information that is required reading for any bodybuilder or anyone who has ever set foot in a gym.

Vince Gironda was a bodybuilder and nutrition expert very much ahead of his time, with a celebrity clientele that he trained at Vince’s Gym, where Gironda dished out the goods in a no-nonsense approach that delivered results. This was during bodybuilding’s Golden Age, which would revolutionize the sport and has been lavishly and meticulously recreated by Karl Coyne in Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3.

Larger than life would be an accurate way to describe Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3, much like the bodybuilders who are depicted and were influenced by Vince Gironda. The visuals in Coyne’s latest book, which completes his series of Vince’s Secret Locker books, are nothing short of magnificent – bodybuilders seem to literally jump off the pages as you are transported back in time for a 400-page bodybuilding history lesson.

The book comes with its own custom-made wooden box, handcrafted by the author, with Gironda taking center stage in a powerful visual that introduces him before you open the book. This kind of attention to detail continues throughout the entire book, as Karl Coyne has gone to great lengths, time and effort to present vintage and restored bodybuilding photos, training shots demonstrating correct exercise form, and creative photo illustrations that have a three-dimensional look depicting bodybuilding’s greats – that bring to life a library of articles and training Q&As, in a grand presentation that cannot be replicated by doing a Google search.

While Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3 is a visual triumph, there is ton of solid training information – several hundred pages worth – to support Coyne’s vision. “Lost” training and nutrition articles written by Gironda and others include “A Few Tips on Developing Muscles,” “Complete Arm Development,” “Vince Gironda’s Training Secrets,” “Nutrition Tips for Master Muscle Growth,” “Best Chest Exercises” and “Overtraining,” among many others. Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3 is a smorgasbord of training and nutrition knowledge about bodybuilding right at your fingertips.

Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3 is a welcome step back in time to when training was very different from what is seen in gyms today. With the spotlight on bodybuilding’s Golden Age, there are no thirst traps of guys from social media who find it necessary to announce their progress to the world every 10 minutes. Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3 offers an inside look at bodybuilding’s legends and explains in part how they evolved, without selfies.

In an age of ebooks, Amazon Kindles and iPads, Vince’s Secret Locker, Volume 3 provides compelling reasons to purchase a physical book, as you can’t get Coyne’s information or experience the same striking visuals elsewhere. For bodybuilding fans, nothing else quite measures up to Karl Coyne’s vision of excellence.

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