A-Rod, Bosch PED Program

Radomski Spelled It Out Months Ago on FitnessRX Radio

A-Rod, Bosch PED Program - Radomski Spelled It Out Months Ago on FitnessRX Radio
Anyone who listened to our October 7, 2013 episode of FitnessRX Radio must have had a feeling of deja-vu watching “60 Minutes” last Sunday when Tony Bosch from Biogenesis described the entire performance-enhancing drug program that he allegedly used for suspended Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Kirk Radomski, the central figure in the Major League Baseball PED scandal that resulted in the 2007 Mitchell Report, spelled out a nearly identical stack.

When asked then what he would do for a hypothetical baseball player who came to him for a PED program without getting caught, Radomski replied, “The first thing I would do is get him on growth hormone, because there’s no test for it. The Olympics spend millions of dollars and have never caught anyone using HGH.

“Then I would give him a peptide and an androgen like testosterone,” continued Radomski on our inaugural episode. “It would be a fast acting test like suspension or propionate, a lozenge or a gummy. Then I would monitor his levels every four hours.”

Radomski went on to describe that he would check the blood and urine levels right after administering the drugs and repeat the tests every fours hours for the first 24 hours. “I would look at his ratios and see how long it stays in his system. Baseball allows a four-to-one ratio, while the Olympics is a one-to-one. So as long as he can get down to that and pass the test.”


A-Rod, Bosch PED Program - Radomski Spelled It Out Months Ago on FitnessRX RadioThat initial 60 minutes of radio with Radomski was a crystal ball of what was to come. Fast forward to January 12 and Bosch described the exact same thing, right down to the timing of the blood tests and needing to meet Rodriguez in a nightclub to draw a sample at a specific time – regardless of where he was and what he was doing.

Although Radomski doesn’t know Bosch personally, he did recognize his abilities to do what he promised his clients. “Out of all of these guys with Biogenesis, (most) of them didn’t test positive,” he says now. “Bosch seems to have known what he was doing.”

Another point made by Radomski was if Rodriguez – who had his original 211-game suspension lowered to 162 games at arbitration – was totally clean during the period in question, he had numerous opportunities to say it under oath.

“I don’t believe that he is getting good legal advice, unless he’s lying to his lawyers,” Radomski says. “He had chances to clear himself by taking the stand and he balked. When you’re innocent of something, you want to take the stand. He could have, but walked out (of the hearing).

“When you’re innocent, you don’t go on the radio or television – you go under oath.”


A-Rod, Bosch PED Program - Radomski Spelled It Out Months Ago on FitnessRX RadioIf Rodriguez did use the substances that MLB has suspended him for, it’s a great question as to what exactly they would do for him as a baseball player. What Bosch spoke about on CBS is more like what a legitimate doctor would prescribe to someone as hormone replacement therapy – which would be totally legal and likely covered by ones insurance plan – rather than what a bodybuilder would take.

“They (baseball players) need recuperation, stamina and strength,” comments Radomski. “They don’t need crazy amounts of testosterone. The lozenges or gummies, for instance, contain a very little amount of test, between one and three milligrams. It’s just to give you a short spike of your hormones and it’s going to help the GH work even better.

“They already had the talent, they just needed to maintain it. “

Editor’s Note: Radomski compared that amount to 10-to-25 milligrams of an oil based test prop or 10 percent or less of a usual daily injection. 


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