Amidren Formulator Nominated for Nobel Prize for Stem Cell Research

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, the Medical Director for Sera-Pharma Labs, has been nominated, along with his research team at Rutgers University, for a 2014 Nobel Prize in the area of Stem Cell Research. The Nobel Prize Nomination was awarded for the potential impact Dr. Giampapa’s technology may have on the global aging epidemic, as well as the financial impact of future health care in all countries with aging demographics, especially in the United States. After two years of research on the effects of young cells on old cells, Dr. Vincent Giampapa and Dr. Pranela Rameschwar have appeared to reverse the cellular aging process in humans as documented by changes in genes and proteins, as well as cell function.


The recent nomination should not come as a surprise. Dr. Giampapa has practiced clinical age-management medicine for over 20 years and is a world-renowned pioneer in the field of anti-aging medicine, given that he was the first board-certified anti-aging physician in the world. In addition, Dr. Giampapa provides guidance, leadership and oversight in introducing new innovative health solutions at Sera-Pharma Labs. Utilizing the latest research in age management and supplementation at, he aided in the development in the natural age management supplement Amidren Andro-T. This innovative supplement is designed to help combat Andropause in men over 40 so that they can not only live a longer life, but also a healthier and more active one. Dr. Giampapa also formulated Amidren Builder to help address Sarcopenia, Amidren Burner for Sarcopenic Weight Gain and Amidren Performance Protein for men over 40.


Dr. Giampapa is an experienced speaker and is available to speak on the latest health issues and developments in the anti-aging field. To set up a speaking engagement, please contact Matthew Thompson at

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