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Get Leaner, Stronger and Faster! - Fight Fat and Win
It’s no secret that top athletes are often gifted with superior genetics. But in order to perform at the top of their game, athletes have to train harder and smarter. To be the best, it takes the right combination of athletic ability, advanced training and diet techniques, and the passion for training hardcore. So how can you enhance your performance and get leaner, stronger, and faster? Pick up our November issue— and fight fat and win!

Our cover model Mario Lopez has had a very successful television career, and it’s clear he’s in rock-hard shape. In “Chiseled Abs With Mario Lopez: Fighting His Way To a Lean and Ripped Physique” by Joe Pietaro, Mario shows us that besides sparring at least twice per week, he also performs other boxing skills such as hitting the bags and shadow boxing for a total of four boxing workouts every week. Frequenting Gio’s Brooklyn Boxing Club near his home in Burbank, California, Lopez also switches between a low-weight/high-rep types to a heavier one and also a quick circuit/CrossFit type of functional training to keep his muscles guessing. In addition, Lopez doesn’t believe in diets and still manages to find time to train despite his hectic schedule. Want to try out these training secrets out yourself? Check out the feature for much more!

This issue, we’re happy to kick off Shannon Sharpe’s inaugural column! This month the NFL Hall-of-Famer discusses one of his favorite conditioning exercises for core, why it works, and how he implements it into his fitness regimen. Be sure to check out Shannon’s column in each issue, as well as his online column here.

In the September issue, we featured an article on the core training techniques of New York Giants Punter Steve Weatherford. This month, we’ve got part two— “Kick Ass Total Body Workout” by Joe Pietaro, which reveals Steve’s weekly full-body training routine during the football season. This is an intense program. In fact, Steve warms up for 35 to 40 minutes, which is the amount of time most people would consider ample time for a full workout! And since the Giants are already into their season, Weatherford modifies his training routine to better fit the grind. His entire weekly regimen is geared towards being fully rested and totally stretched out and ready. Get the total program in the November issue!

The research on bench press training has steadily developed over the years. The most recent studies reveal that increasing the velocity of the bench pressing movement in a controlled way may potently increase the intensity of the lift. This could induce remarkable gains in muscular growth, strength and power— without causing injury. In “Boost Your Bench Press in 30 Days: The Two-Second Rep,” Michael J. Rudolph, Ph.D. discusses the studies behind this methodology. Get ready to promote greater muscle activity, make gains, and pack on muscle with the two-second rep!

One of the pillars of human movement and sports performance is rotation. And according to research, building core and lower body strength can improve your rotational power. In “Improve Athletic Performance: Rotational Power Workout,” Nick Tumminello shows the concepts and techniques behind building rotational power, as well a workout that is sure to improve your workout performance.

High-intensity interval training is a hot topic in fitness. And although you may be familiar with HIIT, you may not be as familiar with SMIT— supramaximal interval training. In “SMIT Versus HIT,” Nuck Tumminello takes a look at the research behind SMIT, and how it compares to standard high-intensity training in regards to performance benefits. And the six-week shuttle sprint program will help you reduce body fat and get in better shape— fast!

The rest of the issue is packed with the latest scientifically backed research to help you get ripped, build solid muscle and improve performance. So pick up your copy of the November issue, check out our workouts, advice and tips, and get to work!

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