Good Weather

FOX 5 Meteorologist Mike Woods Stays Fit & Trim

Good Weather - FOX 5 Meteorologist Mike Woods Stays Fit & Trim
One of the first moves most people make upon waking up in the morning is to turn on the television to get the weather. And since 2001, a vast majority of New Yorkers have trusted Mike Woods to let them know if a jacket or umbrella was necessary.

But the FOX 5 meteorologist brings a lot more to the proverbial table than an accurate forecast and viewers of Good Day New York are also familiar with his good looks and impressive physique.

“I workout and do cardio five days a week,” says Woods, 45. “And I’ve been doing it for 20 years.”

When he was a youngster in his hometown of Sacramento, California, Woods was athletic and played a number of sports, such as soccer and running track. He did this all the way throughout college, but didn’t work out with weights. But when he landed his first television gig in 1993 at the age of 25, Woods began training due to a few different reasons.

“First of all, I was in a new town (Greenville, North Carolina). Secondly, I wanted to play racquetball and joined a gym that had courts and weights. And lastly, I noticed that my dad started struggling with his weight once he hit 30 and I wanted to avoid that.”

So the then-180-pound Woods began to pump iron and his body responded fairly quickly, adding 20 pounds to his six-foot frame in no time.

This became a part of Woods’s lifestyle and he has been practicing it ever since. He is in such great shape that he competed in the 2010 and 2011 New York City Triathlon. But although he wanted to enter that distinguished race again, old injuries and subsequent surgeries prevented him from doing so – for the time being, that is.

“This past September 11, I had my knee and shoulder scoped,” he explains. “They were done the same day. I figured that if was going to have to go through recovery and physical therapy anyway, get it over with at once.”

Woods is still receiving physical therapy on both and is limited in the gym for what he can do. “I can do the stationary bike for cardio, but I was never a big runner in the first place. So I probably will not be doing that even when I fully recover.”

When Woods if healthy, he performs a five-day routine in the gym that always includes 40-to-45 minutes of cardio each session. “I do the cardio before the weights so I don’t back out at the end,” he admits with a laugh. “I’m more concerned with burning the fat nowadays. Sure, I want to keep my muscle size and stay lean, but waist size is important.”

He also performs either core or isolated abs each day after cardio, switching around from 100’s (Pilates movement), hanging leg raises and Swiss ball crunches.


DAY 1 – Chest (flat dumbbell presses/decline dumbbell presses/cable crossovers/dips)

DAY 2 – Back (lat pull-downs/cable rows/reverse flyes/hyperextensions)

DAY 3 – Legs (leg extensions/leg curls/leg abductor/leg adductor/donkey calf raises)

DAY 4- Shoulders (front lateral raises/side lateral raises/dumbbell shrugs)

DAY 5 – Arms (two exercises each for biceps & triceps from barbell curls/preacher curls/cable curls with bar/dumbbell kickbacks/cable pushdowns/close grip bench press/dips)

*Three-to-four sets of each, 12-15 reps

For nutrition, Woods will try to eat lean (avoiding carbs such as rice and bread), but does not completely restrict himself. “I do have a sweet tooth,” he admits,” so I’ll let myself have a few peanut butter cookies when I get a craving. As long as it’s not a daily occurrence, it’s okay.”

A sample of his daily diet looks like this:

BREAKFAST – oatmeal/banana/apple/low fat yogurt

LUNCH – low fat chicken salad with spinach, broccoli, cauliflower

DINNER – chicken or Chipolte burrito salad (no rice, with beans, double meat, lettuce, salsa) or Chilean sea bass.

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