In This Issue: Ripped to the Core

In This Issue: Ripped to the Core
This month’s FitnessRx for Men is packed with everything you need to know about building solid muscle, increasing strength, power, enhancing performance and getting ripped. We’ve got high-intensity interval training workouts that will help you maximize fat loss, celebrity training secrets, and strength and conditioning secrets of NFL pros, and more.

When it came time to prepare for Sabotage— the major motion picture starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that is due to be released on April 11— Joe Manganiello, star of “Magic Mike” and “True Blood,” knew that he certainly had his work cut out for him. In “Super Cut with Joe Manganiello: How the ‘Sabotage’ Star Bulked Up & Got Lean & Mean” by Joe Pietaro, Manganiello discusses how he added muscle to his already impressive-looking frame and built “a fighter’s build with mass.” The program that Joe and his trainer put in place was one that had a throwback flavor blended with contemporary characteristics.

It’s no secret that top athletes are often gifted with superior genetics. But in order to perform at the top of their game, they have to train harder and smarter. So as another football season comes to an end, we thought it would be the perfect time to find out the players’ training and conditioning— and who better to ask than Shannon Sharpe? In “The NFL Today: Training With the Best With CBS Analyst & Hall-of-Famer Shannon Sharpe” by Joe Pietaro, the FitnessRx for Men spokesperson, columnist and legendary tight end Sharpe talks about how NFL training has changed from his own playing days until now. Find out what it takes for guys like Tom Brady, Steve Weatherford and Colin Kaepernick to survive— and thrive— on the gridiron.

Want a chiseled, rock-hard midsection? Then be sure to check out “Ripped to the Core Ultimate Performance Workout and Diet” by Thomas Fahey, Ed.D.. This scientifically based program will increase muscle endurance, strength, power and stability while building a ripped core quickly and efficiently. Utilizing whole-body exercises like squats, jump squats and deadlifts, this is a powerful program that will help you perform like a powerful, elite athlete. Trim inches from your waist, build a strong and functional core, and develop a lean, athletic-looking body.

For even more athletic core-training secrets, be sure to check out “Hard Core Training” by Lisa Steuer. Ous Mellouli, a gold medal swimmer from the African nation of Tunisia, demonstrates some core-focused moves he utilizes to stay lean, strong and ahead of the competition.

More and more research is showing the positive fat-loss and performance-optimizing benefits of high-intensity interval training. In “Top 10 HIIT Workouts For Maximum Performance and Fat Loss” by Joe Donnelly, the former tight end for the NFL shares the workouts that keep him ripped and lean. In fact, Joe maintains a lean body mass of 240 pounds at 5 to 6 percent body fat year-round because the only cardio he does is HIIT work. So if your goal is to maximize fat loss while increasing muscle mass and performance, then these workouts are for you. From indoor HIIT training to outdoor and sprint workouts, Joe’s got you covered.

The rest of the issue is packed with the latest scientifically backed research to help you get ripped, build solid muscle and blast fat. All you need to do is follow our workouts, advice and tips, and then get to work! And for new content daily, don’t forget to check out our website,

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