In This Issue: September

Get Jacked and Sharper than Ever!

In This Issue: September - Get Jacked and Sharper than Ever!
Quarterbacks, punters and tight ends— they all train differently, but they all train hard! Just in time for football season, this the September issue of FitnessRx for Men features some of the most conditioned players in the NFL, who shared their training and diet secrets with us! So what does it take to get in the best shape and prepared for a sport like football, which requires mental toughness, physical strength, power, speed and endurance? Pick up the September issue to find out!

This month, we are thrilled to welcome football hall-of-famer and former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe to FitnessRx for Men! September’s cover feature kicks off our partnership with Shannon, which will include being a spokesman and writing a monthly column beginning in the next issue. In addition, Shannon will also be regularly contributing to our website!

Shannon, an analyst for CBS’ “The NFL Today” show, is no longer active as a football player, having finished his illustrious 14-year career with the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens in 2003. But at 45 years of age and nearly a decade removed from the gridiron, Shannon rarely takes a day off from the gym. In “Get Jacked and Sharper Than Ever With NFL Hall-of-Famer and CBS Analyst Shannon Sharpe” by Joe Pietaro on page 44 in the September issue, Shannon reveals exactly how he stays so incredibly fit. When he first retired, the three-time Super Bowl champion stuck with his familiar training methods, and even turned it up a notch. Shannon began experimenting with kettlebells and circuit training and started taking more spin classes than he had before. Check out the feature if you want to train like Shannon and get “sharper” than ever!

Quarterbacks need to be big, strong and fast in order to be the best at their game. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is very successful in these areas because of his training regimen. How does he do it? Find out in “Armed and Dangerous: Strength and Conditioning Workout With 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick” by Joe Pietaro on page 54. Whether it is during the off-season or in between football Sundays, Colin can be found in the gym five days every week, and each session can be up to four hours between running and weightlifting.

When it comes to being a punter in the NFL, power is more important than endurance. And this is something that New York Giants Punter Steve Weatherford knows all too well. In “Kickin’ Ass: New York Giants Punter Steve Weatherford’s Hard ‘Core’ Training” by Joe Pietaro on page 62, Steve shares his training program for core, revealing how he stays powerful, ripped and lean. But all of that hard work and dedication in the gym would be for naught if Weatherford slacked off when it came to his diet. Likening himself to a high-performance racecar, Weatherford views food as fuel and not something for fun. Check out the feature to start training hardcore!

Scientific advances in training and nutrition have led to radical changes in the way we get ripped and lean. Scientists are finding that non-traditional training methods, such as high-intensity interval training, occlusion training, high-rep exhaustion training, high-speed weight training, plyometrics and kettlebells cause rapid increases in fitness that often exceed those of the traditional progressive overload model. “The Leaner, Stronger, Faster Workout and Diet: Blast Through Your Training Plateaus for Your Best Body Ever” by Thomas Fahey, Ed.D. on page 72 summarizes these new findings and shows you simple ways of incorporating them into your training and nutrition program. This high-intensity, explosive workout will get you in hardcore shape FAST— and improve your physical performance!

The rest of the September issue is packed with the latest scientifically backed research to help you get ripped and build solid muscle with exclusive workouts, advice and tips. Pick up your copy today and get to work!

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