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Get Shredded For Summer

In This Issue - Get Shredded For SummerBy the time that this issue hits the newsstands on May 28, the Memorial Day weekend – and unofficial start of summer – will already be in the rearview mirror of life. Perhaps you quietly hoped for a cooler spring, as to not feel the need to shed the hoodie covering. But, like it or not, the time is here to get back on the beach.

So without further a-do and as timely as a clock, we bring you the wealth of fitness information that you seek.

Our cover model Cory Gregory may be an entrepreneur by day as the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Business Development for MusclePharm, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the fittest dad perhaps on the entire planet. Gregory penned the “Get Jacked! The 1,000-Rep Workout” feature and while it is certainly not an easy program to do, it is one that will work for you if you put enough into it. Are you tough enough?

Gregory is known for his sick-looking abs and Online Editor-in-Chief Joe Pietaro sat down with him to bring you “The Ultimate Ripped Abs Workout and Diet,” for which there is also a free poster included. Read how Gregory was able to develop a mid-section that can second as a 3D tic-tac-toe board.

What summer edition would be complete without a how-to to get those guns a blazin’? Thomas Fahey, Ed.D. brings you “Make It Hirt! Blast Your Arms! A Scientific Approach To Arm Training.” Joe Donnelly graces the informative pages and you can see step-by-step what should be included in your regimen.

Baseball is well represented here, as well, with Joe Pietaro’s “Battle of the Best: Hitters Versus Pitchers,” where you are privy to some of the secrets that the pros use in the gym to prepare for battle on the diamond. What do power hitters like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout do so they are ready to face Mariano Rivera? Find out with this special feature.

This issue also includes a brand new “Online Now! Fitness RX For” column, where we cover what you have been seeing and will continue to see on our newly re-designed website. Stay tuned for some contests we will be running, which will have the winners’ photos in the following issue’s column.

Of course you will also get what you have come to expect from us – our cutting-edge scientific research to building muscle, losing fat, enhancing performance and staying healthy.

Be sure to pick up the July issue today.

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