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Dr. Jeffrey Life, 74, Turns Back the Clock

Live Forever - Dr. Jeffrey Life, 74, Turns Back the Clock
“A doctor that ignores low testosterone levels in men and says that it is merely part of the aging process is committing medical malpractice.”

For the 40-something crowd that has been told otherwise, those words are music to their ears. Especially when someone in the medical field who practices what he preaches says them.

Dr. Jeffrey Life is 74 years old and has the physique of a male fitness model 50 years his junior. He works out at the gym regularly, eats a clean and healthy diet and uses testosterone and growth hormone replacement therapy and is, by far, in the best shape of his life now. “As I aged, I have gotten better,” he remarks. “No one is more amazed than I am.”


But that wasn’t always the case with Life, who was what he describes as “your typical 59-year-old American guy, carrying around a lot of extra weight in my belly.”

Being in declining health, feeling sluggish and seeing his interest in sex nearly nonexistent, Life figured that it was just a part of being middle-aged. So when he decided to enter the 1998 ‘Body for Life’ contest ran by Bill Phillips, the odds were surely not in his favor. But Life put everything that he had into this preparation.

A 19-week crash course in fitness showed amazing results and the then-60-year-old not only won his age category, but was also named Grand Champion.

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