Man of the Summer Contest Winner

Austin Lee Gayne of Riverside, CA

Man of the Summer Contest Winner - Austin Lee Gayne of Riverside, CA
As we approach the tail end of the summer, the entire staff here at FitnessRX For Men would like to thank everyone that participated in our ‘Man of the Summer’ contest and congratulations is also extended to our winner, Austin Lee Gayne of Riverside, California.

Man of the Summer Contest Winner - Austin Lee Gayne of Riverside, CA“Awesome; I am so excited,” Gayne, 18, said when being informed that he was chosen as the recipient of over $500 worth of fitness products and would have his photograph in the November issue. “One of my dreams is to be in a fitness magazine and now, boom – it’s storhappening. I appreciate it very much.”

Here was Gayne’s entry:

Man of the Summer Contest Winner - Austin Lee Gayne of Riverside, CA“As a teenager, my mother was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer. Due to this, I began thinking and attempting suicide. As I was in this state of depression, I came across Lance Armstrong, who fought cancer and won the Tour De France. This amazing determination changed my whole OUTLOOK on life. I wanted to work out and get healthy, but I did not have a gym pass. So every day for six months I would sneak into my local LA Fitness, hoping there would be a way to get in and by the grace of God, he found a way for me. Soon enough, I began praying and praying. As the working out helped me cope with my depression, my mom had survived cancer; she is my miracle. She said with my positive outlook on life since I started going to the gym, she fought hard because I was fighting hard. After seeing the life changing effects fitness had on my mentality, and entire life, I decided to dedicate my life to inspire and help people get fit. A year and a half later of HARD WORK, everyday, sleepless nights. Today at 18 years old, I am an ASPIRING fitness model (that is my dream!!). I own a fitness company dedicated to help people get fit for FREE, I work in store at a Nutrition Store, I am a Health and Fitness writer for a website and have been profiled on as “Teen Amateur of the Week.” With only a year and a half of fitness experience and conquering that much, I know my potential is endless! Fitness changed my life and I would like to pass it on and CHANGE THE WORLD! Thanks for the time. God Bless.”

Here is the package that Gayne was sent:

BPI Clinical Power Series Supplement Pack:

*Beta Alkaline (40 servings) – a $49.99 value
*Gluta Alkaline (40 servings) – a $49.99 value
*Leucine Agma pH (40 servings) – a $49.99 value
*Creatine Alkaline (60 servings) – a $49.99 value

BPI Grey Men’s T-Shirt – a $14.99 value
Better Bodies Black Gym Bag – a $54.00 value
Spira Training Shoes – a $109.95 value
Panthera Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate (5 pounds) – a $79.99 value
G-360 Workout Gloves – a $45.00 value

Be sure to keep checking our website and social media pages for our upcoming “MAN OF THE FALL” contest with a similar package!

Photos by Justin Manos


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