Meet Zach Evans

Winner of Our NoiseHush Headphones Contest

Meet Zach Evans - Winner of Our NoiseHush Headphones Contest
Perhaps it was the persistence that he showed in ensuring that his entry was received in full. Or maybe it was the way he described what listening to his favorite music does for him in the gym to get him not only through, but to master his workouts.

Collectively, Zach Evans (zachery55) of Riverbank, California simply hit a home run in our Musical Inspiration contest sponsored by NoiseHush Bluetooth Headphones.

“I listen to music during my workouts to silence the world and get into my meditative state of mind,” wrote Evans in our forum thread for the contest. “The gym is where I release everything inside – all the stress, all the anger and the happiness. And I do all my critical thinking there. Once the music hits, the background fades and it’s just me, the weights and my vision of my final outcome. The weight comes down I’m pushing it back up!”

Meet Zach Evans - Winner of Our NoiseHush Headphones ContestPainting a mental picture like that, it made a tough decision easier, as there were many entries worthy of getting the nod. Evans’s top-10 list included not a single recognizable song to this writer, but that had no bearing on the outcome. It was the passion that shined.

When notified (on Christmas Eve, no less) that he was the lucky one, Evans said, “I want to thank you, Joe, and the entire FitnessRX team for choosing me as your contest winner. It means the world to me to be chosen amongst everyone else. I’m beyond stoked to get my new headphones and to go kill it in the gym! I can finally work out with the freedom of no cords catching the dumbbells or getting caught and ripped out of my ears.

Meet Zach Evans - Winner of Our NoiseHush Headphones Contest“Can’t wait to hit the gym with these on,” he continued. “I never thought that I would win but I hoped and prayed and I’m truly grateful that I was chosen.”

As the winner, Evans will receive NoiseHush Freedom BT700 Headphones (black), our current issue and will also appear in our May 2014 print issue.

We will be holding another NoiseHush contest real soon, so keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Be sure to check out Zach Evans on Facebook.

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