Movie Man Stays Fit

Actor/Producer Keith Collins Workout & Diet

Movie Man Stays Fit - Actor/Producer Keith Collins Workout & Diet
Sometimes things are just meant to be. It isn’t just every day that someone goes from the bodybuilding stage to the big stage, but that is exactly what happened to Keith Collins and there is a direct correlation between the actor/producer staying in shape and the success he has enjoyed.

“Twenty years ago, I began working out for the same reason everyone else does – by being inspired by the guys in the muscle magazines,” the Clifton, New Jersey native says. “I was also looking for some more self confidence and after seeing the results, it really grew.”

Confident enough to enter three contests as a teenager and doing quite well in them. “I placed second in back-to-back NPC Mid-Atlantic Natural Classics and then won my weight class at the New Jersey State Bodybuilding Championships, which was a national qualifier.”

Movie Man Stays Fit - Actor/Producer Keith Collins Workout & DietBut before he went any further in the Iron Game as a competitor, Collins was accidentally discovered by a modeling agent in New York City, leading to a three-year stint as a male model. This gave him the needed exposure and led him to try his hand at acting school, also in the Big Apple.

He found himself getting work in numerous television commercials and then on Sex and the City” and “Guiding Light.” Collins then turned towards the film industry and his credits include the national theatrically released “Games People Play: New York,” “Stuck in the Middle,” “Echelon 8,” “O.B.A.M. Nude,” “An Affirmative Act,” “The Life Zone,” “The Great Fight” and “Avantgarde.” Collins acted in and produced a number of films including “The Meat Puppet” and “Gravedigger” (which also starred Gregg Valentino, Adam “Speedbag Scissorhands” Salomon and Emilio Masella).

Movie Man Stays Fit - Actor/Producer Keith Collins Workout & DietWith all of his work, which also incudes being an advocate for Tourette’s Syndrome, staying in shape is a daunting task, indeed, for the 6’1”, 195-pound Collins. But he doesn’t look for excuses and just gets the job done.

“It’s very hard to keep it going, especially when you are busy and life takes its toll on you, but with long-term exercising and a bodybuilding past, it has given me so much discipline,” he admits. “It’s totally in my blood to make it a MUST to work out and I just don’t feel right if I don’t. I feel ‘off’ without it, so I do as much as I can to get a workout in at least three times a week…even if it kills me!”

Movie Man Stays Fit - Actor/Producer Keith Collins Workout & DietOn the days when Collins is stuck on the set and can’t get to the gym, he doesn’t take it easy at all. He will go for a jog, do push-ups and use resistance bands.

So the next time that you feel your nine-to-five is taking too much of your time, use one of Collins’s mantras – “Get in some type of burn; anything will work. The key is to just do something and don’t sit around.”

Cut! That’s a wrap.


Monday – Back, Biceps, Triceps

Wednesday Chest, Shoulders

Friday Legs


Meal #1 – six egg white burrito with ham and bacon

Meal #2protein bar

Meal #3 – tuna fish, rice cakes

Meal #4 – chicken breast, potatoes, broccoli

Meal #5 – (night time snack) Protein shake or cashews or graham crackers

“Even though I shouldn’t, I can’t say no to cookies. Got to have my cheat stuff in there sometimes.”



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