The Duke of Fitness

Fox 5 Sports Anchor Castiglione Backs It Up

The Duke of Fitness - Fox 5 Sports Anchor Castiglione Backs It Up
Post game interview sessions in the various locker rooms can be kind of ironic at times. The majority of the journalists and sportscasters asking professional athletes the tough questions why they failed to perform look as if their last set of sit ups was done during the Reagan administration. Mustard-stained wrinkled shirttails sticking out of way-too-wide beltlines usually accompanies said questions, as well, making the scene kind of surreal.

The Duke of Fitness - Fox 5 Sports Anchor Castiglione Backs It UpThat is certainly not the case when Duke Castiglione is part of the equation.

The Duke of Fitness - Fox 5 Sports Anchor Castiglione Backs It Up“I perform a three-day weight lifting cycle, with one day off before coming back,” says the 6’1”, 178-pound Fox 5 sports anchor. “And I also do 55-to-60 minutes of cardio a day.”

The Duke of Fitness - Fox 5 Sports Anchor Castiglione Backs It UpCastiglione, 40, is not the type of guy who eats whatever is being served in the press box, either. No, sir, he will bring food in from home and writes down everything that he eats so he can keep track of it.

“That’s (the diet) the key as I get older,” he says matter-of-factly. “I would say it is about 70 percent regarding importance of staying in shape.”

Lucky for Castiglione, his wife is an excellent cook and also eats healthy. He ingests a lot of protein (chicken, turkey, steak) and will substitute a healthy choice in many favorite dishes.

“I eat turkey meatballs, spaghetti squash and mashed cauliflower (instead of potatoes),” he says.

Even with a busy schedule that includes a lot of traveling, Castiglione maintains his discipline. He will pack protein bars (which he also keeps at his desk in the office) so if he gets hungry, there is a quick good choice instead of finding the nearest pizzeria. Plus, he takes advantage of the fact that he has direct access to the experts themselves.

“I pick up a lot of tips from the athletes,” he says. “Training and healthy eating tips.” Castiglione went on to mention that on that same day, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was in the Good Morning New York studios for a live interview and the two engaged in small talk during commercial breaks.

On another occasion, Castiglione was able to get the information during more than just a quick moment or two. “One time, Steve Weatherford and I did a training piece together,” he says, also noting that the Giants punter was profiled in both the September and November issues of FitnessRX For Men, as well as on our website.

“I even picked up the ‘no cheat days’ from Shannon Sharpe’s feature in your magazine,” added Castiglione.

What makes things perhaps a little bit easier is not being the only one at work taking a positive approach towards fitness. “We have a lot of people here at Fox 5 that are in great shape, including my boss,” says Castiglione, who also mentioned fellow GDNYer Mike Woods.

But being fit wasn’t always the case with the Ohio native, who admitted that he was a “chubby kid.”

“I weighed 226 pounds when I was 16,” says the second-generation sportscaster, whose father was the television voice of both the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox throughout his respective career. “I didn’t start eating better until my senior year in high school.”

But the important thing is that Castiglione did – and continues to. A lot more than a good percentage of his brethren can say.



DAY ONEShoulders/Traps/Legs/Abs
DAY TWO – Back/Biceps/Rear Delts
DAY THREE – Chest/Triceps

*Three-day on, one-day off cycle


*Performed after weights, except on leg day (prior to)
*55-to-60 minutes per day
*Four-miles a day (outdoors or treadmill)
*22-or-23 minutes on bike\

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Photos courtesy of Fox-5. 


Special thanks to Castiglione and the entire Fox-5 crew (especially publicist Cindy Goldstein) for all of your help and for profiling the article on the morning show (October 23):

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