Tim Tebow to the Patriots & Why It WIll Work

All fo the NFL insiders are saying it’s nearly a done deal, so count it! Tim Tebow will be on the New England Patriots and it made total sense for three reasons:1 – Pats HC Bill Belichick and former University of Florida HC Urban Meyer go back a long way
2 – Josh McDaniels is the new NE OC & drafted Tebow when he was the head coach in Denver.

3 – Any chance that Belichick gets to stick up the Jets’ asses, he will do so.Here’s why this will work:1 – Tom Brady will NOT be looking over his shoulder like Mark Sanchez did.
2 – Belichick will NOT allow the media circus that the Jets welcomed.
3 – Tebow has the talent to help and even if he plays sparingly without gaining big yards, they have so much talent on the roster that no one will be screaming about it.
Joe Pietaro

Online Editor-in-Chief, Fitness RX For Men

Contributing Editor, Muscular Development

Co-host, FitnessRX Radio

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