“Boxer Briefs Are Yummy”

Christine Bullock Also Finds Sweat Sexy

Boxer Briefs Are Yummy - Christine Bullock Also Finds Sweat Sexy
1- How does a woman know when a man is ‘Mr. Right?’

You always have a smile on your face, peace in your heart, laughter in your belly and heat in the sheets!

2 – In your opinion, what is the sexiest style of men’s underwear?

Boxer briefs in black or gray are yummy.

Boxer Briefs Are Yummy - Christine Bullock Also Finds Sweat Sexy3 – What’s your most infamous ‘date from hell’ story?

A business contact flew across the country for what I thought was a sales “meeting.” I quickly realized he thought it was a date. This guy was much older than me, not my type at all, a little stalkerish and just weird. (Sorry dude, you’re still great for another gal.) Luckily my friends worked the bar at the restaurant we were meeting.

First, I tried to get my friends to join us, but they were busy working. Then, I tried to set him up with a random drunk hot cougar. I pulled her over, started a conversation and then ran to the bathroom for 20 minutes hoping they would hit it off. When that didn’t work and he was really starting to creep me out, I acted like I needed to leave. So he walked me to the car, I drove around the block, waited for him to leave and then snuck back in to hang with my friends. The more I think about it that might be his date from hell. My bad!

Boxer Briefs Are Yummy - Christine Bullock Also Finds Sweat Sexy4 – Victoria’s Secret OR Frederick’s of Hollywood?

Victoria Secret is just cuter!

5 – Speaking of Victoria’s Secret, what section do you hit first upon entering one of their stores? And what was your latest purchase from there? (Yeah, we’re prying…)

I looooove the granny panties. Just kidding. I’m a total pajama addict. I love coming home and getting comfortable right away. I think a woman looks sexiest when they are completely relaxed, no make-up, and tussled hair. Last purchase was a set of pj’s with button up men’s shirt and shorts.

6 – At what time of the day and where are you when you feel your sexiest?

I actually feel the sexiest when I’m working out. I love seeing the tonality of my physique and feeling the strength and power that comes from meeting new goals. Plus, if you’ve given it your all your muscles glimmer with sweat. I think the same is sexy for a man.

7 – What would a guy have to do to make you throw a drink in his face?

I would like to think at this point in my life I could restrain myself, but if I had a weak moment it would probably because some random dude said some slimy comment to a friend or me.

8 – Do you enjoy being in front of a video or still camera more?

I love modeling because it is fun and sexy! But I enjoy TV hosting, shooting a workout video or acting so much more. It’s obviously more difficult and I am always searching for personal and physical growth in my life. Plus, I have a lot of knowledge to share in the fitness and nutritional arena. I want to help people get fit and have fun in the process. TV hosting is a great outlet to reach a broader spectrum of people.

9 – Certain folks (the ones that are looking for an excuse) say that people that live a fit and healthy lifestyle have no fun. Put them in their place…

I say they haven’t found anything that works for them yet. The key is finding a form of fitness that you enjoy, builds endorphins, makes you feel confident from your growth and makes you look great. What is more fun than that…sitting at home watching reality TV?

Is it fun when all the girls are flocking to you because you look great externally, but also have a positive attractive personality from taking care of yourself? Is it fun when you improve your jump shot, swing, or sprint time and blow the other team out of the water? Exactly, so go find something you look forward to doing. It doesn’t have to be weights. You can bike, run, box…. the list is endless. Enjoy the process.

10 – How would you best describe your ‘type’ of guy?

I love tall, dark, and handsome. I have a thing for facial hair; even my 15-year-old boyfriend had a beard. Yes, fitness is important but they don’t have to be an Adonis. I’m more interested in having someone who makes me laugh (all the time if possible), who can carry on an intelligent conversation, who is driven and who has a great family! I do like a guy with great individual style. If you surprise me with new shoes, that is just an added bonus!


Christine Bullock’s appetite and joy for life is infectious! She believes fitness and nutrition are a guide to living life to the fullest. Implementing better eating habits and a personal exercise routine into your daily life will allow your inner beauty and joy to shine through. Christine has been teaching fitness from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles for over a decade, although she has been in the fitness world for her entire life.

Christine shares her zeal for a healthy happy lifestyle on her blog as well as a contributor to In Touch Magazine, Life & Style, Popsugar, FabFitFun, SheKnows, Examiner, Inside Weddings, and HauteLook. She is recognized as a top fitness model and expert representing brands such as P-90X, Insanity, Equinox, Metaball, BodyLX 360, Saint Tropez Tanning, Alpha Pro Nutrition, and Core-Stix to name a few. Christine has been featured on the cover of Europe’s biggest fitness magazine Sport & Fitness, as well as featured in Men’s Health with a full-page interview, OK, In Touch, and Oxygen Magazine. You can workout with Christine through her fitness DVD “10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift” or checking out her many videos on YouTube. She is the go-to fitness and nutritional expert seen on California Life, Popsugar, Hautelook, and Live on LA.

In addition to her work as a fitness, beauty and health specialist, Christine also works as a TV host, spokes model, fitness model and writer. She uses her diverse training, experience and collective knowledge to enhance her own lifestyle and inspire those around her. She truly believes that the secret to a great body and beautiful skin is to exercise, eat right and have peace of mind.

Be sure to visit her official website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages.

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