Break the “Not Tonight, Honey – I Have a Headache” Sex Curse

Releasing Painkilling Endorphins Via Orgasm Better Than Aspirin


We have all heard it before and no matter how true it may be, no one wants to hear “no” from his or her significant other due to a headache. It may sound like an old line, but it is one that has been used forever and still works. Because as humans, we are generally kind to one another and do not want to put that person into any added discomfort – even when we are horny as hell!

So the next time that you inquire about having a little fun and are shot down due to that headache, there’s a scientifically proven way around it. Tell your lovely lady that you have the perfect solution to help her feeling better – in more ways than one.

The obvious one is through foreplay and intercourse, but make sure that you educate her that one of the best ways to say goodbye to a headache is by experiencing an orgasm. You see, endorphins (a fancy name for these little but powerful painkilling hormones) are released when the human body reaches ‘the promised land’ and naturally relieve pain.

Other plusses from endorphins are feelings of euphoria, pleasure and a calming effect. But they also can make you feel drowsy, which carries the benefit of another built in excuse for falling asleep after sex. (“Sorry, sweetie – but the sex was so good last night that it must have released a ton of endorphins in me, making me super tired!”)

Ah…how we only rely on science when it works for us.

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