Building Her Ultimate Male

Chelsey Haardt of the LA Temptation Explains How

Building Her Ultimate Male - Chelsey Haardt of the LA Temptation Explains How
1 – Playing in the LFL, have you either experienced or witnessed any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ during a tackle?

I’ve only seen a few, thankfully! But I’ve experienced several at my position. As a cornerback, blockers love to grab my top and use it against me. I know that other players can use any part of your uniform against you, but I think it’s really rude to intentionally grab for another girls uniform to embarrass or distract her from playing. The league now has a strict policy on pulling girl’s uniforms to make tackles so that rule has cut down on wardrobe malfunctions significantly!

2 – Speaking of the LFL, how many plays into a game is the first-timer, skeptical fan’s mind changed that this is an actual sport played by athletes and not a watered down strip show?

Wow, I’ve never heard that take on my league before. That’s a pretty harsh and close-minded opinion about us. Hopefully not too many people feel that way about the LFL. Anyway, I would say that the rookie LFL game-goer realizes that this league is no-nonsense probably during kickoff or during the first defensive/offensive series of a game! Players are hitting pretty hard right out of the gate, so it just takes a minute or two to realize how aggressive and athletic these women truly are. The women out on the field today are playing for the love of the sport and for nothing else.

3 – Female sportscasters are allowed into men’s locker rooms while the players are coming and going from the shower nude as they day they were born. But when it comes to women’s sports, the media is not allowed in until all the players are showered and dressed. Would you have a problem with male media personnel waiting for you by your locker to answer a few questions while you were standing there naked?

Absolutely! I have no problem changing around my teammates, but I don’t feel like the locker room is a place for male personnel. If any male reporter wants a locker room interview that bad, he should be a gentleman and wait till myself and all players are decent. I wouldn’t have a problem talking to a female reporter while changing, though! To be honest, it’s not in my nature to have full conversations with people naked. That just seems weird to me!

Building Her Ultimate Male - Chelsey Haardt of the LA Temptation Explains How4 – Are you in a relationship? Does playing football in a mini-uniform present any challenges in that regard?

Yes, I am currently in a relationship, And, no, my uniform has NEVER posed a threat or challenge to my relationship. My boyfriend is very proud of the fact that I play football and he sees no negative or scandalous connotation with my uniform whatsoever. In our opinion, the uniforms women in the LFL wear are no more revealing than a swimming, water polo, gymnastics, cheer, volleyball or track athlete’s uniform. I ask anyone to pull up uniform pictures of a woman or man in the sports I mentioned above and compare them side-by-side. The differences are minute to non-existent. Do it, I dare you!

5 – Living in California, do you feel that there is even added pressure to stay in great shape year round because the weather is warm and people can’t hide under winter coats?

Oh yeah, there is definitely more pressure on girls in California to be fit and skinny! Other states in general just don’t pay as much attention to looks as we do here. Not sure if I should blame the weather or today’s media, but California has developed diverse definitions of beautiful over the years, so that helps alleviate some pressure.


6 – The world is going to end tomorrow and you have to make a decision how to spend your last night on earth with your man: romantic or passionate?

Don’t those go hand in hand? If I had to pick one, I suppose I would go with a passionate night. But for me, romance and passion are one in the same. So I’m sure I could sneak both into my last night on earth!

7 – If you could build your ultimate male, what would he look like?

If I had to build my ultimate guy he would be tall, buff and tan. Very California of me, I know! He would also have light hair, a great smile and bright blue or green eyes. A little scruff would be nice too. I’m a sucker for facial hair.

Building Her Ultimate Male - Chelsey Haardt of the LA Temptation Explains How8 – What is one thing that our readers have no idea is one of your strengths in life?

I’m a really great photographer, crafter,and scrapbooker. I LOVE TO SCRAPBOOK and CRAFT! Not all the time, but when I get in my crafting moods, there’s no stopping me!

9 – Having been around the LFL for a few years, what is your opinion on the league’s name change and uniform adjustments?

I love the league name change and uniform alterations! I hope that these changes will allow us to become more mainstream and family-friendly. The women of this league are athletes regardless of what the uniforms are like and we deserve respect and a place in women’s sports. My teammates and I are all pioneers for women’s tackle football and we are here to stay. The women in my league train and practice insanely hard for the love of this game and I hope that these league changes will allow people to look less at our beauty and more at our love and commitment to playing football.

10 – Playing football in Los Angeles, do you feel that it’s a joke that there is no current NFL there? Would you welcome a team moving there from another city or prefer if an expansion team was added in LA?

I used to be really upset that there was no NFL team in LA but nowadays I don’t care. The LA Temptation IS LA’s Football Team!!! After all, we’re an aggressive and winning squad; what city wouldn’t want us to be their Football team? The women of the gridiron will take care of the LA fans!

Photos courtesy of the Legends Football League

Chelsey Haardt, 25, plays cornerback for the Los Angeles Temptation of the Legends (formerly Lingerie) Football League. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Chelsey was born and raised in Yorba Linda, CA and attended Cal State University-Fullerton, where she recieved a BA in Political Science and Women’s Studies. She is currently a crossfit trainer at Crossfit Balboa in Costa Mesa, CA and also works behind the scenes at Crossfit Football HQ. When she’s not playing or practicing for the LFL, she can be found in the gym lifting weights or spending time with her family and friends! She has no children, but does own a Mini Schnauzer named Ruffus who she calls her pride and joy!

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