Legends (Lingerie) Football League’s Jessica Hopkins

What She Wants in a Man

1 – What do you look for in a guy, personality-wise?

I tend to be attracted to guys that are the life of the party, the attention is always on them. They are a guy’s guy and all the ladies love them. This usually means they’re very confident, outgoing and have a great sense of humor. It’s nice when a guy can laugh at himself too and not take everything so seriously, relaxed is a good thing. J

2 – What type of physique do you prefer on a man?

Being a trainer and an athlete; it’s obviously very important to me that a guy takes care of himself, especially if he wants to keep up with me. I am not expecting an underwear model, nor do I necessarily want that, but some muscle tone and physical strength is definitely a turn on for me.

3 – Dark or light hair does it for you when seeing a guy? Short or long hair?

I tend to be more attracted to men with short, dark hair but I’m not going to rule someone out based on their hair. Looks can change a lot down the road, it’s the personality and chemistry that you have with a person that you have to deal with long term.

4 – Name your favorite cologne.

I don’t know that I have favorite cologne, as long as it’s not over-powering or too musky, I will probably like it. There’s nothing sexier than a guy that smells good.

5 – What’s your perfect first date spot?

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to dating. I think meeting up for coffee or Happy Hour is a good start. If that goes well then maybe next we hit dinner and a sporting event or a movie.


6 – Being an athlete and having competed in Figure, do you find male bodybuilders or football players more attractive?

I’d definitely have to say that football players and athletes in general are far more attractive to me than bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is impressive to me for what it is and of course being a trainer I marvel at what the human body is capable of doing with training and nutrition, as long as it’s done naturally; but I find football players to be far more attractive, especially in those tight pants. ;)

7 – What’s the most annoying thing a guy can do to you?

The most annoying thing a guy can do is to play games with me and I’m not talking sports or video games. If you like me then let me know, it’s that simple; otherwise don’t waste my time. Arguing or creating unnecessary drama is another thing that drives me crazy. I’m a pretty laid back person and it takes a lot to really push my buttons. Leave the drama to daytime TV.

8 – The world would be a perfect place if all men ____ and didn’t ___.

The world would be a perfect place if all men could do housework without being asked and didn’t bottle up their feelings.

9 – Are you a material girl?

I love me some Madonna but I am not a material girl AT ALL. I’ve never been a girl that “needs” this or “wants” that. If I want it, I’ll work for it and get it myself, but material things are just not that important to me. I’d rather spend my money on great experiences that create memories than a material item that might make me feel happy for a few days.

10 – Do you find that most men forget about true romance and chivalry?

I think that most men have forgotten about true romance and chivalry. I think for the most part, men want to be chivalrous and romantic but are afraid they’ll be seen as weak or they’re afraid that the girl will expect it all the time. I don’t expect a guy to open a door for me all the time but if he does it definitely catches my attention and shows me that they’re thinking of me and making an effort which scores huge points in my book.


Facebook-follow at: Seattle Mist Jessica Hopkins, Twitter handle: hoppy411

Stats: 5’4″, 140 lbs.

Age: 32

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Performance Coach

Mother to an almost 12-year-old son, Brayden

Attended Ferndale High School in Ferndale, WA and have a BS in Exercise Science from Western Washington University


Seasons in LFL: 2 full seasons, about to start 3rd with Seattle Mist

Position: Wide Reciever and Free Safety

Team Captain

Named All Fantasy (Pro Bowl if you will) 2x. Was the first player to be named a starting All Star for both offense and defense, got to play in 3 All Star games, one in Mexico City and two in Australia last summer.

Played a season with the BC Angels as a US import player in 2012, was nominated for Defensive Player of the Year (lead the league in tackles playing Middle Linebacker for BC) and nominated MVP for LFL Canada. Won Championship with BC Angels in November 2012. Mortaza Award winner in 2011-Commissioner’s Award given to one girl in entire league for both on and off the field leadership/play.

Competition History: Figure

Highest placing: 2nd place at NPC Tanji Johnson Vancouver Classic 2009, 5th place NPC Emerald Cup 2009

Any shows on the agenda: Not any time soon, focusing on football 100% right now, figure competitions will always be there, football is only here a short while. :)

Sports Background:

Varsity Volleyball + 1 year CC ball as a setter

Varsity Basketball + 2 years CC ball, point guard

Track & Field 4 years, went to state in 100m high hurdles, 300m low hurdles, 4×400 relay (3rd in state)

Photos Courtesy of Jessica Hopkins

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