Man-Scaping & Steamy Sex Scenes

IFBB Bikini Pro Jennifer Dawn Whispers Secrets

1- Us lucky industry insiders know that you bust ass in the gym but for those who do not, put the stereotype to bed once and for all that bikini competitors only do cardio and don’t lift weights.

I would love to say that all girls lift but that would be a lie. The IFBB and the top NPC girls absolutely do and you can see on stage that they have delts and glutes that no other girl just doing cardio can get. God bless the beautiful 19-year-old that wins her class after only doing 20 minutes of cardio. The place won’t last at the National level and when she is older, I hope that she would have already learned the importance of weight training like the rest of us.

2 – You have a very sultry and captivating look and one that surely attracts a lot of attention. What are the places/times that you enjoy what comes with the territory and how about when it’s the last thing you seek?

I don’t order anything that I can’t already pay for. I’ve never really been one to use it to my advantage in gaining material things and in fact don’t see myself that way in person, only in photos or on the stage. It’s like my alter ego. Maybe it would be nice to allow someone to spoil me but I haven’t even been single that long. Do guys even do that?

3 – Hypothetical Situation: You’re on a first date at the movies when a hot and steamy sex scene takes place on the screen. Your date leans in closer to you; do you go with it or subtly move away?

If I said yes to go on a date with this hot guy, then I will go with it. If I am into someone, I want their hands all over me. I will usually do something subtle to let him know it’s cool. If I’m not into the guy, I will be all about the popcorn and my white cherry Slurpee.

4 – Are you a ‘candy and flowers’ woman on Valentine’s Day or do you have eyes for something else?

I’m totally a candy girl and would wear the outfit, too.

5 – What’s your ultimate romantic setting?

I love a low-lit crowded room. If I feel like we are the only ones in there, I know there’s a connection.

6 – You train at the most hardcore gym in the world – MetroFlex in Plano, Texas. Do the humongous bodies that pound the pavement there ever intimidate you?

They never intimidate me and nine times out of 10 when they see that I put the work in, we become friends. The other guy that acts like a douche, well nobody likes that guy.


7 – Does breast augmentation desensitize one of the body’s erogenous zones or improve it?

Mine made had no effect on that area; I’m good to go.

8 – Man-scaping is the ‘in’ thing for many of us guys. We obviously like the way it looks, but how about the women? Do you agree?

I totally agree, a guy that I’m interested in needs to man-scape. The ones in the friend zone only need to shower and brush their teeth.

9 – Guy hair: do you prefer the wet or dry look?

Somewhere in between. The slick back wet look is only hot on the right guy and the dry look is only good when we are alone.

10 – Being an IFBB pro competitor, you do not have the opportunity to go out and party a lot. But once the show ends, do you ever let yourself go and enjoy some fattening food and drinks?

Of course I’m having a drink right now. I stick to something like steak and mash potatoes…oooohhh, and bread with butter. I will also have a vodka Sprite with a splash of Mio. Of course all of this is in moderation. Typically the restaurants are all closed and I only have something small that night. I never binge eat after a show. I usually have my “cheat” meal a day or two after the show with friends or family that have been patiently waiting for me to join them without Tupperware.

Jennifer Dawn Chapman is an IFBB bikini pro and the founder of Alpha Girl Fitness. Be sure to visit her official website, Twitter, and Facebook pages. She is also a member of Team Muscular Development’s contest coverage.

Photos by LHGFX Photography

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