Nice Shoulders, Good Style and a Sense of Humor

What Tasha Wall Look For in a Man

Nice Shoulders, Good Style and a Sense of Humor - What Tasha Wall Look For in a Man
1 – Take us into the mind of a beautiful woman – what is the first thing that you notice on a man?

Physically, the first thing I notice is nice shoulders and (then) good style. As far as personality goes, if someone can make me laugh, I will remember him.

2 – Staying so physically fit, training all the time and following a strict diet as you do, is it annoying to see less disciplined people do nothing, eat like shit and then complain that they can’t lose weight?

That doesn’t really bug me, actually. I usually just ask them what they’re doing and try to point them in the right direction as far what they’re doing right and wrong. Being a personal trainer, I’m always honest and make sure people are aware of what it takes and the things that are holding them back.

3 – One has to have fun sometimes, so where are your favorite places to party?

So far out of all my travel the craziest party I ever went to was the full moon party in Thailand. That is something everyone should experience once in his or her life. Thousands of tourists from all over the world gather on this one tiny island during the full moon for fire juggling, foam parties and anything you could possibly imagine! It was insane.

4 – What’s your poison (favorite alcohol drink)? And how many does it take to get you messed up? You hold that bottle of J.D. in the video like you’ve been there before!

Funny thing is that I don’t actually drink much anymore. I love to get into character and be someone else for a day while I do my shoots. I do have some drinks if there’s a reason to celebrate though, in which case you would see me with a raspberry vodka and soda with lime. It doesn’t take me much, maybe three-to-four drinks.

5 – Is there ever truly a bad time to have sex, or does the scale just go from ‘good’ to ‘perfect?’

I wish I could say it was from good to perfect but in the real world, I think there are times when women don’t want to have sex. Sometimes you’re just not into it. Just be creative and maybe we can be convinced.

Nice Shoulders, Good Style and a Sense of Humor - What Tasha Wall Look For in a Man6 – Speaking of sex (a man’s favorite subject), does a woman really tell the truth or does she shave the number in half when she tells her boyfriend how many past partners she had?

Depends how bad the number is. I’m sure there are a lot of women who shave it in half. Personally I don’t sugar coat mine, but I also don’t really feel like it’s necessary to know what each other’s number is. It’s in the past so no need to dwell on it – unless it’s truly horrifying.

Nice Shoulders, Good Style and a Sense of Humor - What Tasha Wall Look For in a Man7 – What is the one thing that a guy may do that totally turns you off and would want nothing to do with him?

Acting cocky and arrogant is my number one turn off of all time. I love confidence, but there’s nothing worse then a pompous wise guy.

8 – Do you realize just how mesmerizing you are in front of a camera, albeit for photos or video? Basically, you have ‘it,’ and ‘it’ translates really well.

That’s very flattering!

Nice Shoulders, Good Style and a Sense of Humor - What Tasha Wall Look For in a Man9 – Is it frustrating living in Canada where you can’t walk around with shorts and a tank top on all of the time to show off all your hard work?

Yes!! We only get three months of summer, which is why I try to travel internationally at least twice through the winter.

10 – I find it hard to believe that you were once overweight. You are stunning and it’s unfathomable that you looked very different than you do now. What was the ‘final straw’ that made you change your lifestyle?

The very first thing that motivated me was actually a bad breakup. I had no idea it was going to change my life and bring me so many other blessings.

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