Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards

And More Advice From Sexy Danielle Fisher

Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards - Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards
1 – If you could say one thing to the first guy that broke your heart, what would it be?

Hmmm… if I could remember to forget who he was, I might have something to say.

2 – What is the oldest and youngest guy (approximate ages, of course) that you have noticed checking you out?

Honestly, I’m pretty oblivious unless it’s blatantly obvious. Who knows what or why he might be lookin’ my way?

3 – Speaking of guys checking you out, is a simple smile and hello-type greeting better than what may be considered a cat call?

Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards - Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting CardsDefinitely a simple smile and hello! Note would be taken ;)

4 – What is the worst thing for your man to forget – your birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day?

It’s always charming to remember all of those three days, but I’m a big fan of remembering a birthday. It’s the one day of the year to make your certain someone feel special.

Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards - Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards5 – There’s an old saying that women need a reason to have sex while men just need a place. What’s your take on that?

Just wanting to have sex – does that count as a ‘reason?’

6 – While we’re on the subject of sex (and you should only be surprised that it took us this long to get there), what percentage of your day is taken up by thoughts of it?

Ouhhhh…fun question, but I’m gonna leave that one up to the imagination.

7 – Have you ever been to a gentlemen’s club (strip joint) either with a guys or a group of women? And how was it?

Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards - Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting CardsYes, I have. The first time I snuck in, I was 17 and going to university in the US. I went with some of my teammates to watch one of my girlfriends. All other times have been with male friends and I’ve always had a blast watching them go at it.

8 – Guys suck at picking out cards for their wives/girlfriends. Help us out with a tip of two on what we should be looking for at Hallmark?

I think you should get points just for taking the time to get a card. Isn’t it the thought that counts? I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the card itself. When I receive a card I’m always looking to see if there’s a little personalized message next to their autograph.

9 – Speaking of things that us men suck at, picking out nice clothes is also on the list. What is a basic, all-around winner as far as something to wear for a night out on the town?

Clothes for a night out on the town? Who cares? How about a nice guy with some personality, please? My eyes can bypass pretty much anything that he may be wearing. OK, maybe leave the gym attire at home.


Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting Cards - Personalize Your Girl’s Greeting CardsMy name is Danielle Fisher and I am a Licenced Practical Nurse and Operationg Room Technician. After acquiring an injury while on the track team at ISU, I came back home to Saskatchewan and a buddy suggested I try a figure competition. I won Saskatchewan Provincials my first year and fell in love with the sport. My goal and dream is to obtain my IFBB figure pro card

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