Picking Up a Woman at the Gym

By Laura Moore

Do you think the gym is a good place to pick up women?

Yes! You’re in a specific environment where all of the people have something very positive in common. I’m speaking of training, not scoping for dates. Theoretically, women should be very receptive toward romantic advances in the gym because of the testosterone generated during exercise. Weight Watchers Magazine reported on a study by Chicago State University that revealed 25 percent of women say they experience sexual arousal while exercising, and 30 percent reported an increase in libido immediately after working out. This certainly stacks the decks in your favor, gentleman, if you see a woman you’re interested in at your gym!

Picking Up a Woman at the Gym - Laura Moor Sex Heals, The Healthy Sexy Mom

Is there any specific exercise at which a guy could help you improve, and possibly use this as an approach to break the ice?

Oh, dear God, please don’t critique a woman’s performance in the gym. She will be highly insulted. Let the gym trainers save the poor ignorant soul who tries to squat 200 pounds in the plie position. The only time you should even consider helping a lady in the gym is when she asks you or if you notice she is about to literally kill herself— and then do it in the most nonchalant way. Personally, I greatly appreciate a guy who goes out of his way to help me load a machine. (Remember, though, I’m from the Deep South and they breed us that way). But, most women I know cop a real quick attitude when they feel “weaker” than someone else. A better way to break the ice would be to ask the object of your desire to help you. Perhaps you can ask for a quick spot, or if you can work in a set on one of the machines she’s on. Do not ask her to critique your physique.

How would you best like a guy to approach you at the gym?

A guy can be the buffest hunk in the gym, but I will rarely give him more than a friendly smile if he doesn’t stimulate my mind. So, if some guy were ever ballsy enough to come on to me at the gym, his best bet would be to make an intelligent comment on an article he may have noticed me reading while doing cardio. If you try this tactic, be sure to make a comment that opens up a conversation. Don’t ask a simple “yes” or “no” question, or be too confrontational. Zero in on areas of common interest so you can create an instantaneous bond. And remember not to be the “sunshine of your own life.” If you begin every sentence with “I,” you will have fewer chances of ever becoming a “we.”

Picking Up a Woman at the Gym - Laura Moor Sex Heals, The Healthy Sexy Mom

Have you ever had gym sex?

Gym sex? Really? Damn, where have I been? That’s a sexual adventure I have yet to enjoy, but I’m still young! I can see it all now. A gorgeous guy I’ve chatted with before crosses in front of me as I’m doing my dumbbell shoulder raises in front of the mirror. He gives me a seductive glance as he confidently saunters by. He moves behind me and asks if I need a spot as he straddles the bench. I gingerly nod as I lock eyes with him in the mirror. He puts his strong hands underneath my elbows and gently supports me as I push through the last reps. Our breath becomes synchronized, and I can feel myself tingling. Only a machete swung at full force could cut through the sexual tension we are generating. I finish the set and I feel his warm breath on my neck as he whispers in my ear, “Will you meet me in the whirlpool?” Hey, a little fantasizing never hurt.

Can a man impress you by the kind of car he drives?

I’m just a little ashamed to say… yes, he can. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the materialistic realm of the matter that gets me turned on. It’s the way he presents his style and character. I’m a career-oriented young woman. Do you honestly think I’m going to be seen out and about in a trashed out Yugo? The man who lights my fire cares about his body, mind, soul… and how he presents himself to the world.

Is a penis too large if it hits something during sex?

That depends on the girl you’re having sex with. If she complains that hitting her cervix or tailbone is painful or uncomfortable, then, yes, I would say there is a size issue. On the other hand, if your penis is making her squeal with delight, great! Actually, there is another G-spot in the vagina besides the one on the roof of the vaginal canal just three or four inches in. This other one is located near the tailbone area, and if pressed upon just right, it will give your lover very pleasurable and deep orgasms. The best position to optimize your size would be with you sitting, with her straddling your legs facing you. Hold her close and do gentle, slow thrusts until she begins to pump with you. Wonderful feeling!

Picking Up a Woman at the Gym

I’ve heard that a woman can ejaculate, going beyond the standard orgasm. What’s the best way to make that happen?

I can almost guarantee that if you are man enough to make a woman ejaculate, she will be in awe of your sexual prowess. Here’s the trick that works so well for me. First of all, get her as relaxed as possible. A warm bubble bath followed by a massage with scented oils works wonders. Then you have to get her as horny as possible. Take your time when you give the massage. Avoid touching her genitals and breasts. You can lightly brush across them “accidentally,” though, you sly devil. When you have finished at least 30 minutes of a thorough “non-sexual” massage, you should begin kissing her all over with slow, sweet, wet kisses. Use your imagination as to how you will continue to warm her up to orgasm., Now, for a crash course on how to make her really wet.

The best way to make a woman ejaculate is to do it manually. When you master female ejaculation this way, you can move on to doing it with your shaft and perhaps your tongue, if you are truly gifted. After gently rubbing her clitoris and lips, slide your middle finger inside her and feel around on the roof of the vaginal canal. There’s an area of tissue that will become firmer as she gets hornier (the G-spot). When you feel that she’s ready to orgasm, apply firm upwards pressure on that spot. Press as firmly as possible without causing pain. This is the magic button that will cause your little lady’s ejaculate to be released. Give her a few moments to recuperate and then press the button again… this time a little softer. If she’s anything like me, she could make you wish you had a wetsuit.

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