Stay Motivated and Informed

Knowledge – And Inspiration – Is Power

What motivates you to workout: personal trainers, workout partners, listening to music on your iPod, or are you inspired by the body type of your favorite athlete, celebrity, bodybuilder or fitness model? Whatever it takes to encourage you to stick to a sensible diet and exercise program, it’s crucial to stay driven and strict with this routine for the lifelong benefit of your health. Personal trainers, nutritionist, and dieticians are experts in these areas and can offer a unique perspective based on their own personal and professional experiences. Their guidance can assist you if you need additional insight on something or if you are running out of diet recipes and training ideas in the gym. Although a good portion of what you will be told, (or we’d like to think) should be factual, in all actuality most information is simply a ‘theory’ or their opinion based solely on their personal involvements with these topics.

Stay Motivated and Informed

Now with that aside, there is nothing wrong with a professional opinion (there are thousands of them for every field), just keep in mind you’ll be exposed to multiple theories about how to combat many different ailments and conditions through time. Before you’re quick to accept or reject someone’s fitness philosophy, do your own research, (online or elsewhere) and gain some secondary information on the subject before experimenting on your own – KNOWLEDGE is POWER. Don’t get so caught up in the latest propaganda that you neglect to conduct your own independent studies on dieting and exercise – because ‘EVERY BODY’ is different – with that in mind, ‘Every Body’ will react differently to each diet and exercise plan. There are numerous diet plans out there that I’m not aware of but in my field, I like to learn about as many as possible as it may assist me or one of my clients down the line in meeting their nutritional needs.

As I mentioned in a previous article, a diet is simply defined as a reduction in calories from your original nutrition plan and there are many diet plans out there to choose from. We all understand that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise will be the key component and is the foundation of health and fitness – you just have to find the one diet program that works for you. One of the easiest ways to do this is trial and error. For starters, be receptive to new ideas and try different diet and exercise routines from time to time – your body will inform you rather quickly if it’s working or not, just pay attention to it. If your storing excess fat in unwanted areas, guess what, you’re not exercising enough or you haven’t fine-tuned your diet sufficiently.

Stay Motivated and Informed

Your physique is quick to adapt to physical stress, (exercise) and combats this dilemma by hitting that ‘plateau phase’ where you don’t experience any more muscle growth or ‘obvious changes’ in your body – at this point you’ll need to tweak your workout, (and diet) a bit. Keep in mind though; it’s the last few pounds that you’re trying to gain or lose that will be the most difficult, so don’t cry over a spilled protein shake. The theory behind this is that the same repetitive exercises may not cause additional muscle growth because the muscles have adapted to your current workout plan – this process isn’t the most predictable and can happen in a month, a period of 6 months, or a year’s time. In addition to the workouts, try to incorporate different types of foods periodically to learn how they will affect your body both mentally and physically. If your Personal Trainer, Dietician, or Nutritionist, (books, online fitness blogs and magazines work too) exposes you to new ideas – be receptive to them and see how they work for you. If you lose, (or gain) your desired weight then presto, it worked – or for the short haul it did at least. How long will you be able to maintain this particular diet or workout routine before you stop seeing results or lose interest altogether; find that lifelong plan that works and establish this as your ‘fitness foundation’ and stay with it – yet tweak it accordingly from time to time so it doesn’t become too routine.

Some fitness experts and enthusiast get in this mindset that they can’t learn anything new and ‘their way’ is always the right way and that’s a very stubborn way of thinking. I am a fitness model and am always evolving in my strategies with different diet and exercise programs just to see where my genetic potential will take me. I’m not afraid to hire other Nutritionist and Personal Trainers on occasion to gain additional feedback on what I can do different to help change things up a bit. After all, a change will do you good.

Trevor Adams

Trevor Adams is a certified nutritionist and male fitness model. Facebook: @TrevorAdams Instagram: @trevoradamsmodel

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