A Bug’s Life: Size Matters

Women often say that size doesn’t matter. They are more concerned with what’s in a man’s heart. That’s not true in the animal kingdom and it’s probably bullshit in people, too. British researchers, led by Liam Dougherty from the University of St. Andrews, found that reducing penis length in seed bugs (Lygaeus simulans) by 30 percent reduced their frequency of sexual activity. These insects are unique because their penises are 70 percent of their body length. If people had similar proportions, a six-foot tall man would have a four-foot-long penis. Studies show consistently that women prefer penises about 6.5 inches long. Most women choose girth over length because it puts more pressure on the clitoris. The study showed that penis size is as important in seed bugs as it is in humans. (Proceeding of the Royal Society B, published online May 13, 2015)

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