Age Is the Best Predictor of Deterioration of the Penis

When you get old, the first thing that goes are your knees: first your left knee, then your right knee and then your weenie. Sexual performance decreases with age— even in the studliest men. Erectile dysfunction is an early warning sign of heart disease and poor metabolic health. A study led by Giulia Rastrelli from the University of Florence in Italy concluded that aging was the best predictor of erectile dysfunction and the development of cardiovascular disease risk factors. A study of 1,687 male patients showed that contributing factors to erectile dysfunction included high blood pressure, diabetes, abnormal blood fats, obesity, physical inactivity and low testosterone levels. All of these factors contribute to poor health of the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels of the penis, and trigger abnormal penile blood flow and erectile dysfunction. (Journal of Sexual Medicine, 13:200-208, 2016)

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