Bad Sex in America: Causes and Remedies

Good sex is central to happiness— according to researchers from Dartmouth and Oxford Universities. America is the richest country in the world, but our people are far from the happiest. The annual World Happiness Report shows that Americans rank 15th on the list, behind countries such as Denmark, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Costa Rica and Norway. Our relatively poor ranking is due, in part, to our lousy sex lives. A consensus statement of sex researchers from around the world concluded that biological factors such as obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, physical inactivity and chronic illness account for a significant part of sexual dysfunction. Psychological depression, made worse by prescription drug abuse, is also a culprit leading to bad sex. The researchers concluded that lifestyle factors were most important in triggering poor sexual performance, decreased sex drive and overall sexual enjoyment. (Journal of Sexual Medicine, 13:153-167, 2016)

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